Snail Farming Business, Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Snail Farming Business, Its Advantages And Disadvantages
Snail Farming Business, Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Are you interested in venturing into Snail Farming Business? Are you wondering what this agribusiness is all about? Have you also been making research on the advantages and disadvantages of snail rearing enterprise? If yes, then this article is for you!  

Everything that has advantages also has disadvantages therefore, there are some things that are not favourable in snail farming. You have to understand from both ends to know if snail farming is an agribusiness suitable for you.

Interestingly, the advantages of snail farming outweighs the disadvantages in many ways. Read through this article and I’m sure you would come to the same conclusion.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Snail Farming
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Snail Farming

Advantages of Snail Farming

  • The first advantage of snail farming and why it is highly profitable is that snails reproduce in high quantity. Snails can lay up to 400eggs at a time and at least twice in a year. Snails are also hermaphrodites (having both male and female reproductive organs), and when two snails mate, both would lay about 800eggs in total. When snail lay eggs, they cover them up with soil for a period of about 15-21days after which the baby snails emerge from the shell. The number of eggs however does not mean the total number of baby snails, there are some that won’t hatch. There’s an article of how to hatch snail eggs, simply go through it.
  • Snails are also nature friendly creatures. They do not make noise nor have offensive odours as in the case of goats and pigs. You can have a snail farm in your house and no one can even tell.
Snail Farming Advantage; No Smell
Snail Farm In A Residential Building
  • Snail Meat is a healthy rich delicacy. It can be boiled, fried or roasted and the taste is divine. You have to try it to know how much I am salivating just talking about it. Snail meat is also rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus to mention but a few. It is recommended that people suffering from various heart diseases should take snail meat because of its low cholesterol and fat level by medical practitioners. It is a better alternative to red meats.
  • Snail Farming Business has a huge turnover. Everyone wants to make profit in business and this is what snail farming business offers. Due to the fact that Snail meat is highly nutritional, the demand and consumption rate of snails is on the increase in various countries of the world. Snail slimes are also used to produce medicines, cosmetics and other skin products. This has made them an export product as there is international demand for snails.
  • The cost of production in Snail Farming Business is low. Other than the snail pen, other requirements for starting a snail farming business is low. From snail feeding to incubating snail eggs and human resources needed, the cost of operating a snail farm is significantly less than other forms of livestock production.
  • There is a low mortality rate in Snail Farming Business. Adequate measures having been put in place such as good snail house and good soil, the risk of losing snails to predators will be reduced. Snails also rarely have disease outbreak as they are known to be rugged creatures. Snails are also very intelligent and find ways of surviving during harsh weather situations.
  • Snail Farming business generates employment globally. Many countries have unemployment as a major challenge especially among youths, empowering the youths and encouraging them to go into snail farming business is one way to reduce the rate of unemployment. Departments such as financial accounting, book keeping, snail eggs hatching, snail farm management, sorting, transportation and marketing of the snails are examples of positions available in a large scale snail farm.
  • Snails and all its byproducts are useful. Snails are one of the rare creatures with numerous uses whether dead or alive. From the snail slime used in medicines and cosmetics to the snail shells crushed as calcium supplement in animal feeds or in arts down to the snail meat itself, all are beneficial! Ground snail shells can also serve as scouring agent for washing pots etc. The snail shells are used as necklaces and other aesthetic pieces in various nations of the world. And of course, the delicious snail meat is the top of the icing!
  • Snail farming can generate foreign revenue. Snails and its byproducts are in high demand and this makes them a source of generating foreign earnings through exportation. Some countries however has ban placed on the importation and or rearing of snails. The weather of some countries also do not favour snail farming and this is an advantage for Nigerians to meet their demand for snails.
  • Snail Farming does not consume time. With snails being active at night, there is time for you to go about your day time activities without being pensive about their welfare. You just need to tend to the snails in the evening and have a day to sort out the snail house to avoid overcrowding and cannibalism among snails.

Now lets talk about the disadvantages of snail farming

Disadvantages Of Snail Farming

The disadvantages of snail farming is not enough to deter you from investing or starting a snail farm. As stated earlier, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages. Lets quickly check them out.

  • Snails grow at a low rate. Unlike poultry that can be breed in 3-6months depending on the specie before reaching market size, snails take a lot longer period. It can take a snail between 8months to 1year before reaching market size. To add to this, only 40% of the total weight is edible part which is the meat. Therefore, snail farming requires patience and consistency because there’s no yield until after the first year especially if you start your snail farming business with new hatchlings.
  • Cultural beliefs on Snail Farming. Despite the wide acceptance of snail delicacy globally, there are some cultures and religions with taboos about snails. Some are as interesting as a pregnant woman must not eat snail if she doesn’t want to give birth to a drooling child. I know personally that this is wrong because my mum told me she took so much snails while pregnant with me and alas, here I am, not drooling. There is need for reorientation and the need to stop passing on superstitious beliefs. For the religious aspect though, I’m keeping my opinion to myself. LOL!
Snail, A Pest In Nature
Snail Eating Cabbage On A Farm
  • Snails can be pests in nature! As a matter of fact, this is a reason why bans are placed on snail farming by some countries. Snails burrow into the ground and can come out on the other side of the snail house. They can escape into farmlands and since they feed on leaves, the snails invariably destroy viable economic plants. And to make matters worse, snails reproduce in high quantity! Therefore, this makes snails to be seen as pests.
  • Snails are affected by weather. Snails can not survive in extreme weathers. When its cold, they can freeze to death and in very hot climate, they die as well. The weather just as to be right for their survival. The humid tropical forest zone is the most suitable climate for snail rearing.

There you have the disadvantages of snail farming.


The advantages of snail farming outweighs the disadvantages therefore, snail farming business is a venture that can stand the test of time with patience and consistency on the part of the snail farmer.

Highlights of advantages of snail farming include huge market demand, healthy and nutritious meat, low production cost to mention but a few.

Highlights of disadvantages of snail farming include slow snail growth rate, religious and cultural beliefs and extreme climates.

Snail Farming Business, Its Advantages And Disadvantages

And so with these, I’m sure we came to the same conclusion that snail farming is still yielding positive results regardless of the disadvantages.

Would you therefore begin your snail farming business this new year? Have you started your snail farming business and need guidance?

Leave your questions and concerns in the comments section below and we would gladly attend to them.

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