Why Eat Snail Meat? Nutrition + Effects In The Human Body

Why Eat Snail Meat? Nutrition + Effects In Human Body
Why Eat Snail Meat? Nutrition + Effects In Human Body

While we were going through our mail, we saw a mail sent to us by one of our readers asking if it’s okay (health-wise) to eat snail meat.

Instead of giving out a short reply, we decided to make it a topic of the today for everyone to know what it’s like and the implications of eating snails.

As the world continues to evolve, and our search for animal protein sources increasing, we see more needs to explore other animal protein sources other than protein from fish, poultry, goat, sheep, cattle.

Why Eat Snail Meat? Nutrition + Effects In The Human Body
Why Eat Snail Meat? Nutrition + Effects In The Human Body

Would you consume something you have no knowledge of? I doubt.

That’s why, before we discuss about the implications found in snail meat consumption, lets first of all know what makes a snail a snail.

What Makes A Snail A Snail?

Snails are said to be gastropod animals with an enclosing shell.

Their enclosing shells allow them to entirely retract into it for protection.

Snails are animals belonging to the phylum Mollusca.

They try to damage vegetables and fruits, especially in household condition.

Snail Meat consumption

They are very active only during rainy season, and inactive in the winter season –this is the reason you hardly see a snail in arid places.

Snails can be found anywhere around the globe, and they are easily seen in desserts, oceans, mountains and forests.

Unluckily for them, they are preys to other animals like rats, lizards, birds and snakes because of their tiny body size.

For the sake of clarity, animals that have similar appearance like that of snails but have no enclosing shell are known as slugs. So, don’t misidentify them when you see them.

A snail is a snail because it is a cold-blooded invertebrate with an enclosed shell for protection and hydration purposes.

Reasons you should eat snail meat

Why Eat Snail Meat?

Consuming a snail meat either in its grilled or freshly cooked is not a new practice as you may have thought, in fact, snail meat has been here for years now.

Apart from their refreshing taste, snails are eaten due to their important nutritional composition and health benefits too.

Regardless of their tiny size which could scare you away from even buying them for daily consumption, here are few benefits, or should I say reasons why you should eat snail meat.

Reasons For Snail Consumption

1. Serves As A Healthy Source Of Omega-3

Omega-3 is good for the human brain helps in protecting the heart from attack. And when you eat snail meat, your body gets this nutrient.

More so, snail meat comprises essential nutrients that help build up healthy skin and body, therefore, you can decide to get your snail meat, either in a freshly processed or grilled form.

However, there’s need to source your snails from snail farm(s) that are trustworthy, as the nutritional value and taste of a snail meat greatly depends on the kind of feed it was fed while alive.

2. Less Cholesterol Content

Snail meats are strongly advised by health doctors, especially for people seriously having their weight on guard as they eat healthily.

Additionally, it is recommended for patients suffering diabetes and high blood pressure due to its low cholesterol composition.

Consume Snail meat

3. Snails Have An Ideal Protein Proportion

For persons with the goal of growing and maintaining a good body shape, and improved immune system, snail meat consumption is all you need, as it contains 12 to 15 percent protein which is an ideal protein proportion

A Snail meat has close to zero (0) fat content, thus crowning it to be the most healthiest protein source unlike the other sources of animal protein having rich calories and fat content that increases the degree of the body cholesterol when eaten daily, resulting in health complications such as heart diseases, stroke etc.

4. Contains Selenium And Tryptophan

Snail meats have selenium which has anti-cancer properties that help boost the body’s immune system to battle against cancerous cells.

Tryptophan, on the other hand plays a crucial role in the body’s regulation of appetite, impulse, improved mood or/and even sleep.

As important as these two nutrients are, the human body lacks capacity to produce them, but snails can, and when being eaten, they release them to your bloodstream.

5. Rich Source Of Vitamins

Apart from being an ideal protein source, the snail meat is however, one of the richest sources of vitamins A | E | K | and B12.

As the world keeps evolving digitally, getting our eyes off the screens (of phones, laptops, television etc) has become almost impossible, and you can’t keep balance in the evolving world with a bad eye sight.

And by feeding on diets like lump of snail meats which is rich in Vitamin A, your vision will continuously improve.

The vitamins (E, K, and B12) available in the snail meat smoothens the skin, help circulate more oxygen to the body tissues/organs, and further help boost the body’s immune system over diseases and infections.

6. Enhances Blood Count

Snail meats also contain high Iron content, which is a core part of the red blood cell the human body requires.

When the body lacks iron, its absence would lead to extreme fatigue and anaemia.


Why would you want to suffer all these when there’s a snail meat to eat? You shouldn’t turn a blind eye to your health!

7. Contains Adequate Proportions Of Calcium And Magnesium Required By The Body

When prescribing sources of calcium, doctors always add the snail meat to the list, and there’s a reason for that.

It’s simple, they are rich in Calcium for a stronger and healthier bones.

In addition, consumption of snails helps keep regular heartbeat and maintain normal blood pressure due to its rich magnesium content.

8. Capacity To Fight Against Some Forms Of Cough And Cancer

According to research, white rock sea snails secrete on their eggs so as to be guarded against the bacteria-rich marine environment.

Such secretion contains a compound called 6-Br –known for its great capacity of reducing some forms of prostate tumours with no type of toxicity to the human body.

However, the medicinal value of land snails in the cure of whooping cough is well known in few tribes in the West of Africa.

Why Eat Snail Meat? Nutrition + Effects In Human Body
Why Eat Snail Meat? Nutrition + Effects In Human Body

Now that you have read and understood the healthwise-reasons why you should eat snail meat, you shouldn’t waste any more time, as time is health. Snail meats can be eaten, and they are healthy for you and I.

Got more questions on this? Lets hear you out.


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