6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Snail Farming Business

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business

Are you having doubts on the profitability of your snail farming business? Do you want to increase your sales and profit margin? Here are 6 proven digital marketing ideas to grow your snail farming business, improve your sales and eventually enjoy the rewards of having a snail farming business.

Several businesses shut down within the first 5 years of operation due to several reasons. Many snail farmers are not even sure if they are making profits or running at a loss all because they can still sell some snails and have cash in their pockets.

Snail farming has been known to require little capital and some free food and this is a downfall of many snail farmers; they do not pay attention when they spend that little capital! Snail farming business takes patience and attention to details, a virtue some do not possess as they want the money to roll in from the moment they start their snail farm.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business

It is important to position yourself for a profitable snail farming business in the digital world. This would fetch you more cash and make you known beyond your geographical location. The world is now a global technology inclined village, there are no more barriers to marketing your products to people you have never met in person.

Snail farming business is not just for the peasant farmers or the rural dwellers alone. Snails are now been reared by professionals and experts in other fields and the demand for these creatures is rising as the day goes by.

To be able to rear snails successfully, it is important to know what snail farming is all about; its advantages and disadvantages as well as how to effectively market your matured snails.

Snail Farming Business

Snail Farming is the branch of agriculture also known as Heliculture. It is the rearing of snails for domestic or commercial purposes such as consumption. Snail farming can be done on a large expanse of land and even in cages or used old tyres.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
Snail Pen Made From Old Tyres

Snail meat is a delicacy in various parts of the world and is served as appetizers at events. Snail meat if processed and preserved well can last up to 6 months without losing its taste or nutritional value. They are a preferred alternative to red meats as they have low fat and less cholesterol.

Snails are seasonal animals and their cultivation all year round is possible with adequate care, good feeds and a regular water supply especially during the dry season. This makes snail a specie that likes humid and cool areas for maximum productivity. So if you are in such region, then snail farming business is a good venture for you.

Snail Farming Markets

Having snails matured for sales, you begin to wonder how to sell, where to sell and who to sell to. These questions should be answered at least to some extent before starting out a snail farm however, if they are not, here are some people interested in purchasing your snails:

  1. Local markets
  2. Restaurants and Eateries
  3. Hotels, Lounges and Fine dinings
  4. Traditional medicine practitioners
  5. Pharmaceutical companies (majorly for the snail slime)
  6. Cosmetic companies
  7. Arts and crafts establishment etc
6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business: African Snail Market

The price of snails and the sizes required depends on the clientele and their use of the snails. A hotel for instance will buy matured healthy snails because the presentation on a plate has to be attractive and can only be achieved using big matured snail specie (the giant African land snail is the favourite specie here).

Now let’s take a look at the digital marketing ideas to grow a snail farming business

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business

To begin with, how much snails do you want to sell? How big is your farm? How do you package and process your snails? These are the questions I will ask you if you want me to help boost your snail sales in your snail farming business.

Many snail farmers just start a snail farm with no intention of selling beyond their geographical location or at least 30km from their farm or residence. This is a step in the wrong direction! Remember that snails demand is all year round and snails are seasonal animals. This means you put in a little extra effort to make your snails available when snails are not naturally available.

Business Name

Let’s quickly take a look at the first step when building a snail farming business; get a business name and register this business name! Don’t just be the snail farmer, be a snail farmer with a unique identity. This makes you look like someone that has a vision beyond just rearing snails.

Having a business name makes the business yours. It also gives you the opportunity for exporting when the need arise. When you have a business name then we can start the digital marketing!

Digital Marketing Idea 1: Build Social Media Presence

Building a business authenticity requires a business page on the internet via social media. An online business entrepreneur is one that is believed to be credible and this is achieved over time with consistency and delivering what is promised to customers.

The registered business name is the name you use when building your social media presence and you don’t want to change after you have a steady clientele only to discover someone else uses the same business name. That is why YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS NAME with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). 

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
Social Media Platforms

Potential customers are available on various social media platforms and they can be reached via quality contents, posts and interactive sessions. This is still a new marketing idea for most snail businesses.

Digital Marketing Idea 2: Audience Interactions

It is not just enough to be on all social media platforms, it is very easy to leave it at that or abandon your audience. This makes your snail farming business not genuine enough. These audience, followers or visitors are all potential customers.

Due to several reasons, many businesses find it difficult to engage their audience. There are possible solutions to this though it may incur some cost.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
Engage Your Audience

The first thing to a successful audience engagement is to know the social platform where you have more potential customers; a snail farmer does not necessarily need to be on Snap chat for instance.

Identify their needs and develop your contents to suit and meet their needs. Let them see why they need to buy from you.

In case you are busy or not good at content development, you can seek help from content writers and social media managers to achieve the result. I am available to help out too. Winks.

Digital Marketing Idea 3: Post Regularly

This is a slight extension of audience engagement. You can decide to post articles related to the needs of your audience daily, biweekly, or weekly; writing once a month is not acceptable.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
Digital Marketing Platforms For Snail Farming Business

You have to be intentional about this even though it may be tough at first, be consistent. A way to overcome this is to have a layout of what you want to post in a month and work towards it.

To make things easier, you can post the same article, image or story on all your social media handles. This makes it easier for your audience to interact via any media they so desire.

Digital Marketing Idea 4: Get A Website

The word website has gone beyond the huge capital intensive and data consuming technology that we know. You can even develop a website yourself (there are tutorials and sites that can host at a reduced rate). So don’t be scared about getting a website.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business: Have A Website

Your website links will be available on all your social media handles for your audience to visit for more detailed information about your business.

A website contains more details, images, shop and everything about the business. There is also the opportunity of having a blog via the website and website reaches more people too!

Some social media platforms have restrictions making what your posts limited, unlike a website where products and services from years before can be retrieved.

Customer feedbacks and images stay on your website until when you remove unlike some platforms where the story is just for twenty four hours.

Digital Marketing Idea 5: Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website for Search Engine is the best way to get the full benefits of owning a website. A search engine optimization implies that your website can be seen on search engines such as Google.

Regular engagement, traffic generation and relevant posts on your website are some ways to optimize your website.

Digital Marketing Idea 6: Use Email Marketing

Having proper documentation of visitors to your website means you have their email addresses. You can also request for email addresses on other social media platform but you have to make sure your end is secured. Where this is the case, then a weekly check on your customers would not bad idea.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business: Email Marketing
6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business: Email Marketing

Email marketing goes beyond advertising products to your customers, it also fosters seller-buyer relationship and you can take a step further by celebrating events and memories with them.

You can also personalize their mails and build an incredible clientele. You should also ask for referrals and recommendations for better services.


Every business has to find its feet in the digital space and snail farming business is not an exception. The success recorded with snail business can be increased when there is a wider reach to potential clients all available on various social media platforms.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business
6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business

Snail farmers are therefore encouraged to look beyond selling in the local markets and selling to people outside their locations especially in temperate regions where snail farming is seldom practiced due to the harsh weather conditions.

To achieve this feat, 6 digital marketing ideas have been listed to help the snail farming business entrepreneurs.

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