12 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Snail Farming Business

12 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Snail Farming Business
12 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Snail Farming Business

Are you looking for a business to start that guarantees high yield? Do you want to venture into agriculture but confused on the exact one? It’s time for you to follow through with your plans and get an extra source of income by learning Why You Should Consider Snail Farming Business.

There are numerous agribusinesses available with so many advantages and disadvantages.

There are those that can give up to 50% Return On Investment (ROI) and some that can even go farther with 100% ROI.

Snail farming is one of such agribusiness that can give 100% ROI however, it’s not an immediate reward, and it takes time, patience, consistency and careful dealing to achieve this.

Snail farming requires a low capital and cost of production, it also gives you enough time during the day to go about other activities and still meat your household protein demand.

Snail farming business is also highly profitable as the demand for the snails and it’s by products is high.

12 Reasons To Consider Snail Farming Business
12 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Snail Farming Business

For anyone just starting out in snail farming, it requires little but valuable knowledge to commence operations unlike other livestock farming where you need to probably undergo training classes.

However, it’s necessary to have an expert in the field to avoid having high morbidity and other loss of investment.

What Is Snail Farming Business?

Snail farming is simply put, the cultivation and rearing of snails for domestic and commercial purposes. It is the branch of agriculture called ‘heliculture’.

Snail farming can be done in commercial quantity or as a farm-to-table activity meeting the market and household protein demands respectively.

Snails are mollusk, single shelled animals that live on land and in water. For the purpose of this article, we would be considering land snails for snail farming business.

There are over 50 species of snails, each with its unique habitat, taste and nutritional value.

Snails are found in tropical forests and vegetations, they withdraw into their shells during dry season and aestivate while they crawl out, reproduce and are in abundance during the rainy season.

Snail farming is one of the most interesting and lucrative agribusinesses that can be run on a low budget due to the nature of snails.

They are easy to breed, feed on fruits and leaves thereby reducing the cost of feed when compared to other livestock such as poultry.

Snail farming also has a huge advantage over livestock such as pigs and goats as they do not have any offensive odour nor make noise.

12 Reasons Why Yo Should Go Into Snail Farming
A Snail Cage In A Residence

Snail farming practice has many untapped potentials in Nigeria and Africa in general.

Despite the abundance of snails due to the favourable weather conditions, snail farming is still being practiced by a few as people are of the opinion that ‘anyone can get snails from bushes and forests during rainy season’ however, what happens during the dry seasons?

This is an important reason why snail farming should be encouraged and is a viable business opportunity waiting to be explored.

Some African governments such as Ghana in recent times have encouraged their citizens to venture into snail faming and production with incentives doled out to the youths and anyone interested in the snail farming business.

Requirements For Snail Farming Business

Snail farming business as earlier stated requires little capital to begin.

Unlike other livestock production which requires huge housing structures, snail farming can be done at the backyard of your residence, on a different part of your farm and anywhere that is cool enough to house the snails away from direct sunlight.

Snails are environmental friendly although care must be taken when rearing them on or close to a vegetable or crop farm as they can crawl out and feast on the crops due to their love for leaves and fruits.

Snail farming also requires little man power and feeding them is relatively cheap; almost free. Listed below are the things needed to start out as snail farmer:

  • Snail house or snail pen
  • Regular supply of water
  • Treated and well aerated soil
  • Brooms, dust pans for cleaning the snail pen
  • Mosquito nets and wire gauze
  • Tray for feeding the snails
  • Shed or perforated covering for snails

12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Snail Farming Business

Listed below are the advantages embedded in snail farming business:

  • Snail farming is lucrative and viable for everyone even if there’s no prior knowledge in agriculture.
  • The prospects of snail farming are still relatively high as there are few farmers involved in the production. There are few investors looking towards this business.
  • The demand for snail is still higher than its supply both locally and internationally. The market is huge and can earn you foreign currency.

    Earn in Foreign Currency
    Earn In Local And Foreign Currency In Snail Business
  • Snail farming requires less capital, machinery and equipment. The snail house, pen or even free ranged system of snail farming requires materials that can be easily sourced and even free of charge as in the case of old tyres.
  • Snail farming requires less human capital. You can rear your snails yourself without the need to employ additional hands. Snails are nocturnal animals meaning they are most active at night therefore; you have the time to run your daily errands and attend to your snail farming business in the evening.
  • There is nothing in a snail that is a waste. There snails can be crushed as calcium supplements for livestock feeding, snail shells are also used in arts and crafts. Snail slime is used in pharmaceutical industries for medicines and cosmetics products.
  • Snails are exceptionally in high demand during dry season and this can be an avenue for the snail farmer to process and preserve the snail meat thereby making even more cash.
  • African climate supports the cultivation of snail unlike the cold regions of the world. In Nigeria, there is almost no geographic zone where snails cannot be reared in commercial quantity.
  • Snail feeds can be sourced for locally and cheap or even free. Snails feed on leaves, fruits, and vegetables all which can be gotten from the local market. Snail feed still remains top on the list of affordable livestock feeds.
  • Snails reproduce in high quantity even if all its eggs are not hatched. If you start out with 500 snails, there is tendency to have about 1million snails after a breeding season as each snail can lay up to 500 eggs at once.

    12 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Snail Farming Business
    Snail Reproduce In High Quantity
  • It is possible to have a 100% ROI on snails in about 2 years as the risk of mortality is low as long as adequate care is taking in the rearing operations.
  • As a civil servant or someone having a 9-5 job, snail farming business is a good source of extra income as it doesn’t take you away from your job or require frequent attention as in the case of poultry.


Snail farming is an agribusiness suitable for civil servants, students, retirees and everyone looking out to make extra money without having to invest too much or stressed.

Snail farming business is lucrative and can be done anywhere as snails are environmental friendly.

Snails can be marketed to homes, hotels, restaurants, bars and even to pharmaceutical companies using snail slime as raw material.

The snail market potential is huge and therefore, waits to be properly harnessed.

12 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Snail Farming Business
12 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Snail Farming Business

Have you concluded on having a snail farm? We are here to help you through, leave your questions in the comment section and feel free to share!


  1. I once went into snail farming, but was discouraged when soldier ants attacked my farm twice. So what do i do about soldier ants and the risk the pose in snail farming.

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