Snail Business: A Potential Goldmine For High Profit

Snail Business A Potential Goldmine For High Profit
Snail Business A Potential Goldmine For High Profit

The greatest and most asked question by every intending snail farmer or those already in the agribusiness is ‘How Do I Make Profits In Snail Business?’

This simply means no one wants to invest and not have Returns On Investment (ROI).

Agriculture as a sector has been known for high yield on investments and snail farming is no exception!

Snail Farming is a unique industry in that it requires little capital to start up, can be practiced in a controlled environment and has a stable market. Snails have lots of health benefits from the slime to the shells and the meat itself. This makes snail business highly profitable as the market is not choked up like other agribusinesses.

Snail Business A Potential Goldmine For High Profit
Snail Business A Potential Goldmine For High Profit

However, snail farming requires patience, careful observation and adequate measures against predators. Therefore, if you are planning on starting a snail farm or snail business, you need to read carefully!

Snail Business At A Glance

Agribusiness today worldover has experienced a paradigm shift from the conventional agricultural practices to selective value chain and Nigeria is not an exception. The government and corporate organizations in Nigeria today offers loans and relief funds for farmers to cushion the cost of production.

Investing in a Snail Farm means you have a ready market as most families eat snails picked up especially during the rainy season. Medical practitioners are also encouraging patients to eat snail meat and the use of slime is also being used in the production of medications.

Slimes are also used in skin care products and treatment. There is no part of a snail that is a waste even as the shells are used in various forms of arts. This makes this business lucrative if you are dedicated, persistent and know your value chain.

Tapping Into The Snail Business For Profit Making

Many businesses are known to shut down in five years except where there is intense team work and dedication. It is therefore easy to start a snail farm in Nigeria but to continue in business requires patience, dedication and careful observations. If you are looking for a business that would yield 50% ROI in the first year then snail business is not an option you should consider.

Snail Business: Potential Goldmine
Profitable Snail Business

Snails are naturally free range creatures and also seasonal, therefore, measures must be put in place to avoid loss of investment. Snails are available during the rainy season due to the coolness in weather but does not mean they can not be reared during the dry season if adequate care is taken.

Starting A Snail Farm Business

Proper planning and well laid out schedule is required before venturing into any form of business. It is important to identify the value chain in Snail business; as a snail farmer or as a snail marketer? As an investor in snail business, the following are things you should consider;

  • Species of snail: there are various species of snails each with adaptability skills, unique taste, slime volume and more. Therefore, you need to learn about the various specie available and subsequent availability in the case of a snail marketer. Locating a snail farm which is cold, spacious and close enough to the natural habitat of snails is important.
  • Purchase the snails: You don’t start a snail farm by picking free range, untreated snails. You can decide to buy newly hatched, a month old or even snails at point of lay if you have expertise in hatching snail eggs. Place your snails in designated pens and don’t mix the young and old snails together.
  • Snail organic feeds: organic feeds are non-chemical meals that help to nurture your snails, prevent mortality or feeding on one another. Feeds offered snails determine their growth rate and how healthy they would be for consumers. Examples of organic feeds include pawpaw fruit and its leaves.
  • Demand and Supply rate for Snails: although snails have a ready market, it is important to do a market survey which include markets where they are being sold, rates and availability. You can supply the local markets, hotels, restaurants, lounges and many other markets.

Cost of Snail Farming in Nigeria

Snail business requires capital to start just like every other business. The cost of establishing a snail farm however depends on how much snails you want to produce, available land/space and the market demand you want to meet. A farm to table snail farm can kick off with as low as 10,000 naira while medium sized farms can start with 50,000 naira and the large scale higher amount.

Snail Shells For Arts
Snail Shells For Profit In Arts

Major expenses in snail farming include snail house or pen, purchase of snails, feeds, care attendant, marketing, transport and logistics etc. There are species that can can lay between two hundred to five hundred eggs at once and is done twice in a year.


Snail business is a potential goldmine despite being seasonal. Rearing snails can be possible if given utmost care and attention during dry season as well. As a snail marketer, you can sell your goods in local markets, various pharmaceutical companies once the health standards are met as well as hospitality outfits such as hotels, bars, lounges and restaurants.

Whichever part of snail business you venture into, we wish you speedy and profitable sales!

Snail Business A Potential Goldmine For High Profit
Snail Business A Potential Goldmine For High Profit

Kindly tell us how lucrative you have found snail business to be via the comment section.

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