Market Your Snails Profitably All Year Round

Market Your Snails Profitably All Year Round
Market Your Snails Profitably All Year Round

Snail farming also known as Heliculture is a highly lucrative subsector of Agriculture. Snail rearing business is gaining ground rapidly as the demand for snails and its by-products is huge. ‘How to market your snails?’ is a question you need to answer as a potential snail farmer.

Snail meat is healthy and nutritious and snail slime is being used in pharmaceuticals.

For anyone that wants to venture into snail farming business, how to sell your snails profitably would be a question to ask because of what use will it be, rearing the snails only to lose out while looking for a market for your snails?

If you also want to go into snails marketing due to unavailability to rear and care for snails, then, sourcing for snails and market would be top on your question list.

There are various ways to sell products, offer services and reach out to more customers with the aid of social media and the internet in general. It takes time to build trust on social media though, yet you don’t have to give up.

Major ways of overcoming trust issues include being honest, transparency, swift delivery and customer relations especially when waybill is involved. However, some may still be in doubt that’s why consistency and customer feedback on your services is important.

Market Your Snails Effectively
Market Your Snails Effectively For Profit

It is important to state when products would be available to avoid disappointing potential customers. Snail farmers who package and process their snails should put into cognisance the viability of the snails so they don’t sell spoilt or partially spoilt snail products to their customers.

Snail business is not new neither is snail farming. Man has been eating snails in the wild before the deliberate capturing of snails for rearing.

Snail meat is highly nutritious, rich in protein and iron, snail meat is also low in fat and cholesterol making it important in the menu of people with high blood pressure and other ailments.

Snail farming however, can only be practiced successfully by people with lots of patience, determination, focus, hardworking because snail farming and or snail business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Snail farming requires low cost but high discipline.

Marketing Your Snails For Profit In Snail Farming Business

The most encouraging ways to make money in Heliculture is by rearing the snails yourself. Snails can be sold at any time of development whether as new hatchlings, weeks old, ready to breed or market sizes.

This is only achievable if the snails of all ages are raised by you, the snail farmer. Market your snails  through these other avenues as listed below.

  • A snail farmer can also decide to outsource snails and breed for a few months before selling for better yield.
  • A snail farmer can also decide to raise and sell new hatchlings only, provide snail nursery or construction of snail pens to new snail farmers.
  • As funny as it may sound, snail warehouses is also a lucrative business in snail farming. Many snail traders would need a place to keep their unsold snails and this is where and why a snail warehouse services is needed.
  • Depending on your years of experience and expertise, you can also venture into consultancy services and help other snail farmers maximize the potentials of their snail farm business. Specialties include snail farm management, snail house construction, snail eggs hatchery and more.
Market Your Snails As A Delicacy
Market Your Snails As A Delicacy
  • Market your Snails as a snail meat kitchen and fast food. Snails can be prepared in many ways depending on your choice, and are very expensive in restaurants and bars, hotels and diners. You can therefore supply to these places or establish one yourself. Great sales is guaranteed on a daily basis. Snail meat is highly nutritious!
  • Snail farmers or marketers can also make direct supply to individuals in high brow areas where they are not able or available to rear snails. For a snail marketer, you can buy from the rural communities and sell in urban centers rather than buying from the city snail farmers for a higher profit.
  • As in the warehouse scenario, you can also buy snails in large quantities when its cheap and sell off when snails become scare due to the seasonal demand. You however will be feeding the snails so their weight won’t reduce.
  • Snail farmers and marketers can also sell to restaurants and bars, hotels and diners depending on how healthy the snails are. Consistency in weight, size and availability determines if such establishments will be interested to continue business with you. The prices for these snails depend on the type of establishment, you can’t sell the snails for 700naira to a restaurant that sells 1000naira and still sell at the same rate to a restaurant that sells 2,500 naira. Here, wisdom is profitable to direct. LOL
  • Pharmaceutical companies make use of snail slime for medications as well as cosmetics companies for skin care products. You can equally market your snails to them, extracting snail slime is also a way of making extra money.
Earn in Foreign Currency
Earn In Local And Foreign Currency In Snail Business
  • You can decide to take a step further by exporting your snails. Registering with the appropriate regulatory bodies is quite simple once you meet the standards. You earn in foreign currency and you know what this means considering the exchange rate.

Other Market Opportunities For Snail Farming

Snails are usually gathered from the forests and bushes during the rainy season and supplied to markets. This is usually from April to September of each year and the market is usually slow due to the availability of snails.

However demand increases during the dry season as the weather is not favourable for snails to move around. This is where snail farm and snail marketers make huge sales as long as the Snails are big, healthy and can be supplied steadily.

Free Range Snails In The Wild
Free Range Snails In The Wild

Supply is low while demand is high during dry season! Snail farmers can use this period to grow their farms and popularity as a force when it comes to snail supply all year round.

Snail rearing during dry season is not impossible as long as every requirement for raising snails successfully is met.

Another steady market available especially for African Snail Farmers is the Giant African Land Snails (GALS), a specie unique to the African continent.

The GALS are in high demand in Europe due to their unique taste and of course their size! You can imagine meeting this on your way to the farm *winks


Snail farming business is a guaranteed all year round source of income despite the snails being seasonal. Though rearing snails to market sizes can take between 8months to 1year, it is important to meet all requirements for maximum output.

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Market Your Snails Profitably All Year Round

Have you started your snail farm or you have snails ready for the market? I’m sure you can find markets as stated in this article. Kindly leave your comments below!

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