Basic Materials Required For Snail Rearing [Updated]

Basic materials required for snail rearing
Basic materials required for snail rearing

The basic materials required for snail rearing in 2021 are quite affordable, and however not much to acquire.

Primarily, snails require a very moist region that is shady. Whereas, as the farmer, you only need an enclosure (cage) to prevent the snails from escaping.

However, In this resource, we will look at the primary equipment required for snail culture.

Few of such materials overlap with the requirements for artisary snail culture, especially for Bishoftu pet snails.

Furthermore, this will guide you with the right procedures on how to successfully man a commercial snail farm.

So, having said that, lets get down to the business of the day.

Basic Materials Required For Snail Rearing

In order to properly or/and easily run your snail farm business, it is recommended that you make use of the outlined Materials, and they include:

1. Watering can

Snails get comfortable and grow in a moist environment, therefore there’s need to often moisten your snail farm.

And to achieve this, you need a watering can –a snail farming equipment mainly used to spray water in the snail pens.

2. Wheelbarrow

As a snail farmer, and with the use of a wheelbarrow, you can easily move large quantities of snail during harvest.

In addition, you can use a wheelbarrow to transport larger quantities of soil to your farm site.

Finally, a wheelbarrow come in handy as it aids in the movement of your snail feed from one snail cage to the other.

A wheelbarrow is quite unavoidable, especially when you have a farm that is quite large to be carrying heavy loads around.

3. Water and feeding troughs

When feeding snails with crushed foods such as calcium, always make use of a feeding trough in order to put the food in such a way that it doesn’t become moist in the already damp soil.

Again, you can make use of a plate with shallow depth which functions as a feeding or water trough for snails.

Your water trough primarily serves as a provision for the snails to drink and bath. Having said this, you must ensure that the water trough for snail is not too deep to prevent them from drowning in it.

4. Water tanks

According to AmericanDreamWindow, Snails frequently need water, therefore you must always make water available in your snail farm.

One easy way to make this happen is by storing a large water tank on your farm.

5. Rake and Shovel

This is another snail farming equipment you must have in your snail farm for moving loam soil into your snail pen and also for changing the soil in the snail housing.

Why Shovel and Rake same time?

Shovel is used for digging and moving dirt in a free-range snail farm whereas the Rake is needed for cleaning the surrounding of the snail farm. It can further be used to turn the soil in your snail pen during your search for eggs under the soil. So, you see? They have different functions.

6. Water Hose and Hand Sprayer

The importance of the hand sprayer is for pest management whereas the water hose works as a means of spraying water round a very large snail farm.

In order to make use of the water hose, you should attach a shower cap at one end of the hose as the other end is connected to a tap.

For surety, this mode of construction enables you to spray water in the entire snail farm with ease, without worries of carrying heavy watering can or/and buckets of water.

7. Small weighing scale

This is a measurement tool, and its essence is to measure the weight of snails.

However, there are analogue measuring scale and the digital weighing scale.

It is recommendable to use the digital weighing scale as it provides a more accurate measurement of the snails weight in grams.

8. Hoe and Cutlass.

A hoe is needed for digging in and around your snail farm. This is to say that you will need a hoe to dig the floor of the snail pen during your search for snail eggs.

Additionally, both hoes and cutlasses are quite crucial for weeding the surrounding of your snail farm to encourage hygiene.

9. Plastic buckets.

Basically, the plastic buckets are needed for transporting water and snail feed around your snail farm.

You can further use it to move snails around during sorting of the snail pens.

10. Plastic Plates and Plastic Spoons (with lid)

If you must increase the hatchability of your snail eggs, please do not pick the eggs with your hand. Never do that.

In this situation, a plastic spoon is must suitable for the job.

Once you are done with picking the eggs, you can then place them in a plastic plate which usually should contain a soil mixture suitable for hatching the eggs and then cover the lid.

11. A Hand Trowel

You sure need a hand towel the very moment you want to mix snail feed, dig small holes or incubating the snail eggs.

Yes, you will need the trowel to carry soil to cover the eggs slightly in order to successfully get them all hatched.

Basic materials required for snail rearing

And that’s a wrap on the 11 basic materials needed for your snail farming business.

Are there more that you use that was not mentioned? Please tell us in the comment section. Your contribution heavily matters.

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