Lucrative Fish Sales Outlets In Nigeria

Fish sales outlets
Fish sales outlets

There are numerous fish sales outlets and that’s because there is a stable yet rising demand for fish.

You can sell your table fish to retailers, restaurants, relaxation joints, hotels, and eateries. You can also, export your fish if you have foreign connections.

Fish farming is actually lucrative because there will always be consumers willing to buy.

Yes, there is a high demand for fish and there always will be consumers, hence the need to strategically set up fish sales outlets.

You can also associate with fish sellers in your community or locality.

Such association will keep you updated on happenings in the fish business as well as help you get buyers.

Fish sales outlets
Fish sales outlet

Marketing can be carried out through various ways such as paid advertisement on television, radio, or newspaper. You can also make use of word of mouth.

You can also make use of printed media such as leaflets, handbills, posters, and billboards.

As a fish farmer, you can choose to sell live table fish or process your table fish depending on the market or what sells faster. You can choose to sell some live fish and process others.

For example, smoked fish is processed and it can be sold to consumers.

Also, fish can be grilled, steamed, or boiled with ingredients and flavours and sold to consumers in outlets like restaurants, hotels, bars, and relaxation gardens.

How to sell your fish

Sales in bulk

Mostly, catfish sell their table size fish in bulk to retailers. These retailers are mostly market women who, in turn, sell to individuals or other market women.

These market women tend to make more profit than fish farmers. However, fish farmers can maximize huge profits by selling directly to consumers too based on retail price per kilogram.


Retailing is a great way to maximize profit. Through retailing, a fish farmer tends to be in full control and allows him to sell as he prefers.

However, retailing may take time as compared to selling in bulk to retailers, but it is more profitable and will give you a better connection with consumers.

You can make use of word of mouth to advertise your fish as well as printed media like handbills, posters, pamphlets, billboards, etc.

Get a fish seller

This involves getting an individual or individuals to market and sell your fish to consumers.

This is also retailing and profit is maximized through this method too.

However, the con of this method is you may end up with a dishonest person that can steal from you or an ill-mannered individual that can chase away your customers.

Open fish sales outlets

Fish sales outlets
Smoked fish

This also involves retailing, your outlet can sell live table fished, processed fish, or cooked fish. This also helps to maximize profit and gives you full control cutting out the issues of middlemen.

You can open fish sales outlets where, fish products like barbecued fish, roasted fish, fish pepper soup, and so on are sold.

Mostly these outlets are public places for relaxation and recreation.

Why you should open fish sales outlets

Opening an outlet has many advantages; maximising profit from direct sales to consumers, an opportunity for brand development especially if your fish are processed and packaged, and the benefits that come with the removal of middlemen.

The major thing is having fish sales outlets will bring in more money.

Types of fish sales outlets

Fish farming is highly lucrative with the right marketing. The right marketing involves setting up the right fish sales outlets that befit your locality.

As earlier mentioned there are several fish sales outlets for marketing your table size fish.

So if you’re looking to rake in money after farming your fish to maturity or table size, here are types of fish sales outlets:


Nigerians are very familiar with bars and patronising bars is common in Nigeria.

In Nigerian bars, fish delicacies are always found on the menu, therefore, bars are good fish sales outlets.

This is a very lucrative way to sell your fish, you can attach a bar to your fish farm or pay for a place in a popular bar to sell your grilled fish, roasted fish, or fish pepper soup.

Fish sales outlets
Fish pepper soup

Fast food joints

Fast food joints are making lots of money in Nigeria, the fish market can leverage this opportunity.

You can open a fast food joint that sells grilled or barbecued fish.
The good news is, barbecued products are in high demand, and Nigerians like fish.

Retail outlets

This has to do with setting up fish sales outlets where live table fish are sold or retailed to consumers.

This is highly profitable because it has been discovered that retailers of fish tend to make more profit than the fish farmers rearing the fish.

More so, opening fish sales outlets for retailing requires a minimum cost.


You can run a fish export business. Your table size can be packaged and sold to foreign consumers or foreign retailers. Note that you must have the necessary exportation documentation and certification that allows you to export your fish or sell them abroad. Exportation does require paperwork but it is highly rewarding.

Breed for sales

This involves hatcheries that sell seeds or fingerlings or juveniles to fish farmers looking to cultivate fish to the table size.

There are breeders and you can use the business of breeding to open economically viable fish sales outlets.

However, in this case, your fish will be newly hatched fish called fries or fingerlings, or juveniles.

You can use printed media and words of mouth to reach your customers; which are fish farmers.


Fish farming is lucrative but you can’t sell and make a profit without fish sales outlets. You need a place from which to market your product.

You can choose from any of the fish sales outlets listed above and start making your cool money.

Fish sales outlets
Fish sales outlets

It is important you understand the market situation in your locality to know which method of fish sales will work before you decide on the type of outlet to establish.

I hope this article is helpful enough, wish you luck in your fish selling endeavour, and kindly drop your feedback in the comment box below.

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