Consider These Before Starting A Fish Farm In 2022

Starting A Fish Farm In 2022
Starting A Fish Farm In 2022

If you are thinking of starting a fish farm in 2022, it’s important to know that a lot of things have changed in agriculture, and the world at large.

What does this simply mean? It entails that the method we employed for farming before now has changed.

Regardless, fish rearing still remains a profitable and safe agribusiness for new entrants into the world of agriculture.

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The following are the few basic considerations which you must have in mind just before launching your fish farm.

Things To Consider Before Starting A Fish Farm In 2022:

1. Begin with the market or sales target

The world has now become an international village, as one could decide to export his or her fish. The requirements of NAFDAC simply shows that you should allow the decision of your target market influence the launching of your farm.

For instance, when you want to export your fish, you ought to know that your ponds water source must be controlled, as it’s not advisable to use runoff water for your fish farm.

Rather, a borehole that can be tested is preferred.

More so, if you are farming over 20,000 fish, you should know that you would certainly need those clients who purchase fish in tonnes and not in small scale.

Again, they are likely to often appear with buses, therefore, you need a parking space which should be close to the ponds. In addition, an earthen ponds would be preferred as you’re likely to keep the fish for at least 7 months.

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Catfish In A Concrete

However, if you are focused in rearing about 10,000 fish, you can use the mobile tarpaulin fish ponds.

Additionally, you can choose to stagger your fishes as you may sell your fishes little by little other than the whole pond at once.

To get the exact number of fish you can farm. Simply use 700 naira as a cost price to rear one fish to 1kg.

By so doing, 1000 fish would amount for 700,000.


Never start a farm only to stop short due to lack of funding. Such could put you under pressure, and may warrant you to market at a loss price as you do not have the funds to continue to feed the fishes.

In a situation where you have limited funds, it’s best to start small, and give the farm time to grow.

2. Secure Your Fish Farm water

Water happens to be one of the 3 most vital things in fish farming.

Of course, that’s the reason It’s called Aquaculture, water!.

In fish cultivation, water cannot be rationed neither should it be managed. There’s need for a borehole, running stream or even a swamp so as to ensure that you have running water thought out the year.

When dealing with fish, water must often be readily available.

Again, owning just any borehole isn’t the goal, you should have only industrial borehole which is capable of supporting a 2horse power pumping machine, and at least a 2-inch pipe coming out from the borehole. It is much better to even have just one standard borehole than having three (3) small insufficient boreholes.

3. Determine Ponds Type And Size By Using Production Target

It will interest you to know that there are several types and sizes of fish ponds suiting various fish farming activities.

Before we fail to mention, when starting a fish farm in 2022, never forget to calculate your stocking density.

In simpler terms, it’s crucial to always know the particular number of fish to stock in a pond.

For example, A 10*10*4ft mobile pond can take about 800 fish.

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While the smallest earthen pond you should do for growing out fishes ought to be 50ft*30ft based on water availability, taking about 500 fish.

4. Tackling Feed issues

So you know, a fish feed should be about 70 percent expense on a well-set-up fish farm.

What does this imply? If you appropriately set up your fish farm, then you ought to have feed expense, cost of juveniles and fingerlings, water change, and cost of labor [staff salaries] as your basic expense in your fish farm.

Knowing how to produce fish feed by yourself is an added advantage.

Based on our professional recommendation, if you’re far from doing 10,000 fish or above, then you should never worry about owning fish feed-making machines, as the cash you will use to purchase and run such machines is higher than what you think you may save from owning a normal branded feed.

For the records, there are several good and economic fish feeds available at the moment.

You are more than free to use either imported fish feeds such as Skretting and Coppens or locally made feeds (made in Nigeria) like Top, Vital, Ecofloat or Bluecrown feeds.

5. Fish Processing

As you are starting a fish farm in 2022, it’s advisable to factor in fish processing.

Smoked fish generate more profit, especially dried fish or smoked fish [depending on what you name it].

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Smoked Catfish

Having said that, you would definitely require a fish smoking kiln, few basic materials like sealing machine and NAFDAC grade nylons.

6. The Source of your Fingerlings Or Juveniles

Undeniably, this has been a big issue which could either make or mar new fish farms.

Unfortunately, few persons unknowingly purchase runts and even continually feed the fish without seeing an atom of growth within the fish.

However, this isn’t often the case as there are several other factors that result in fish stunted growth, for instance, poor feed or overcrowding.

Well, purchasing of runts as fingerlings could happen to anyone starting a fish farm in 2022. And the best way to prevent such from occurring is to only buy fish from a reputable or reliable fish hatcher.

Types Of Fish Ponds Include:

  • Tanks
  • Earthen ponds
  • Fiberglass setups concrete ponds
  • Mobile fish ponds [and]
  • Recirculatory systems

Generally, the fiberglass setups and recirculatory systems are most suitable for fish hatching and the production of juveniles and fingerlings.

Fish ponds
Tarpaulin fish pond

Whereas, the tanks, mobile ponds, and concrete ponds are mostly used for mélange and smoking-sized fish.

On the other side, earthen ponds are best for table size fishes and broodstock.


You must be quite careful, having an eye for details while making moves to start your fish farm in 2022.

Should in case there is a situation which is above your comprehension, it is advisable to call the attention of a superior or expert in fish farming, so as to avoid taking steps that wouldn’t be profitable for you in future.

Do you have questions? Please feel free to write to me on the comment section, I would try as much as I can to answer all.

But, if you see need to communicate with us outside this space, please reach out via

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