Why Every Farmer Should Opt For Top Farm Security System

Why Every Farmer Should Opt For Top Farm Security System
Why Every Farmer Should Opt For Top Farm Security System

In the world of farming, having a top farm security system is one of the most important things every farmer must work hard for (if not the most important).

No farmer would want to work effortlessly in his or her farmland today, only to experience a farm attack either in form of theft, livestock or property loss tomorrow.

In a bid to help farmers strengthen their farm security, we have put up this resource to aid you.

Top Farm security Lockpads
Top Farm security Lockpads

Why Every Farmer Should Opt For Top Farm Security: Overview

Unfortunately, Over time, the rate of livestock and equipment theft, trespassing by both humans and animals, and other farm crimes has rapidly been on the increase.

Farms situated at rural areas suffer these the most as the lack modern (top level) farm security systems.

Having said that, you need no farm expertise to tell you that farm security has become a serious issue.

Vandalism, unwanted trespassers and theft are often dealt with on farms (those located at urban areas are not left out on this).

Sadly, trespassing on farms are now common with its implications more vital than ever.

More so, an increasing international food system, animal activism and stricter biosecurity measures shows that food safety and security are directly connected to farm security and traceability.

Farm Tractor Security

Investing in your farm security is for surety, an investment you must make as a farmer to ensure farm productivity, profitability and efficiency.

Why Is It Important To Practice Top Level Farm Security?

The importance of practising a top level farm security system can not be overemphasized.

However, its importance can be broadly divided into 3, which are to;

Monitor Livestock, Lives and Property

This is however, the first reason why you must ensure that your farm security system is topnotch, as it would enable you have a close eye on your livestocks, including your employees and farm property.

As a matter of fact, your livestock, employees, and properties are the most important factors of your farm, therefore, they must be strictly monitored.

Ensure Maximum Farm Productivity

The essence of farm security is to see to it that there is maximum output, as maximum effort equals maximum yield.

However, there would be improved productivity if your farm is not secured with necessary farm security systems.

Enjoy Return On Investment (ROI)/Market Profit

Finally, only farmers who have ensured that there are no loose ends in their farmlands (in terms on security) get to enjoy market gains.

Come to think of it, there would be nothing to sell to make profit if you loose everything on your farm.

How To Secure Your Farm Assets

The following are policies and ideas on how to ensure maximum farm security;

No Trespassing signs should be visible at every corner of your farmland

As we may have it, No Trespassing signs is considered the best way to tell non-staff or intruders that roaming around or within your property without adequate permission is not welcomed.

Inasmuch as signs wouldn’t guarantee a prevention from entering your farm, mounting such signs in a clear corners would help back you on a legal case if intruders are seen on your farm or property.

Therefore, it is vital to erect such signs at every entrance to your property.

Regulate farm entry with gates

There’s need to use a chain or gate to vividly create boundaries between your farmland/property and the road.

Top Farm Security Lock

More so, if your property is off-limits at specific times of day, you should also make use of a gate (or chain) to indicate so.

Invest in and use good quality locks

You must make sure that only good-quality locks (with keys) are mounted on all buildings and barns on your farm property.

Also, have in mind that the more cheaper the lock, the more easier it is to break.

Well, it’s important to note that keypad locks are not an ideal option, as codes can be hijacked, thereby resulting to unauthorized access or entry.

Top farm security motion sensors

Acquire Security lighting for your farm/ property

It is recommended for Farmers to have security lighting for core areas of farmland or property.

A farm or property with quality lighting help scare intruders, especially in odd hours of the day, as they would prefer not to be seen while carrying out their crimes.

It is advisable for the Lighting to be in the 10-20 lux range.

Barn alarms installation

It is also necessary for farm operators to install alarms on barns, as such can interpret and send signals to home (or even create noise outside).

Lock vehicles and fuel tanks

Make sure that vehicles on your farm property such as trucks, forklifts, and other farm equipments are properly locked when not in use, especially at night to avoid theft.

Label your farm tools

You can further protect your large tools and small pieces of equipment by simply etching identification (like your social insurance number) in an obscure area of the equipment, as it is considered the place to etch identification.

Install good farm security cameras

How best can you monitor the ups and downs of your farm, livestock, employees and properties if not the use of quality farm security cameras?

Security cameras make monitoring easier and effective without guess work!

Farmers who have acquired for themselves good farm security systems such as cameras are definitely reaping the rewards when it comes to having a better farm security for their farm products and produce, equipment, livestock, properties and above all, lives.

Top Farm Security Camera

Most interestingly, no farmer needs to break the banks in order to get a quality camera system for his or her farm.

Amongst thousands of farm security cameras out there, we recommend these five (5) farm security cameras for both small, medium and large scale farms.

I believe that this resource has made you see reasons you should never take your farm security for granted.

Why Every Farmer Should Opt For Top Farm Security System
Why Every Farmer Should Opt For Top Farm Security System

Are there other ways you’ve been ensuring that your farm and properties are consistently being secure? Lets talk about them on the comment section.

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