What You Should Know About Angry Bulls

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
What You Should Know About Angry Bulls

Have you ever come across a herd of cattles and you were just calm? Well I can never be calm, I run for my dear life! The angry bull is enough to send me back home.

The bulls are known to be angry animals and I don’t know why this is so much so. There is also the belief that they attack people in red!

It was a field trip exercise in the suburbs of Ogbomoso town. We were all chatting happily when we saw the herd of cattle approaching and a woman was shouting at us to hide behind the trees. ‘The students in red, hide behind the trees’, we scouted and hid whether you are putting on red or not. Lol

If you have ever seen a bull fight, you definitely wouldn’t dare an angry bull. When they are being taken to the abbatoir, it is a race and charge at anything and anyone in their path.

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
What You Should Know About Angry Bulls

People are generally afraid of bulls and will rather move back or go into hiding because they are usually angry bulls. Bulls are known for their aggressiveness for no just cause or could there be reasons for this? Let’s find out.

Bulls are domesticated adult male cattles while the cow is the adult female. The name cattle do not denote any gender. Bulls are reared for their meat called beef, for leather hides, for cart pulling, for plowing and for sports; bull riding and bull fights.

Cattles are social and free spirited animals and putting them in isolation can increase their aggressiveness resulting from psychological stress with the bulls getting a higher dose of it.

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
Herd Of Cattle

Origin Of The Angry Bull

The bull’s aggressive nature can be traced to many factors both internal and external. It will be unfair if we only see these animals as the angry bull and not study why they are so or find ways to bring out better emotions in them: if possible, lol.

Cows are more sociable and accepted than bulls whose nicknames or adjectives include angry bulls, aggressive bulls, violent bulls among others. They are commonly used to plow the field before planting, used in rodeos, used to pull cart; a way to expend their aggressiveness.

Some bulls have the DNA to be aggressive while some become angry bulls over time due to fear, mishandling, torture among others.

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
A Horned Bull

The chemistry in the brains makes them natural angry bulls because they have to fight each other for dominance as most herd have just one bull; what a way to show off.

Bulls that have little or no interaction with humans are the most dangerous of the angry bulls because they have a higher hormonal levels.

Causes of Violence In Angry Bulls

Territory And Space

Bulls would attack anyone, man or animal that tries to encroach in their space whether by accident or intentionally. This space and territory include physical land area as well as their spouse and family.

The angry bulls will attack head on stray animals, hikers, etc once they enter their territory; the reason why the woman instructed us to get cover by hiding behind trees.

When a bull attacks, it does with all of the strength it has and uses the horns to hurt; attacks can be very dangerous and life threatening.

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
Rider Thrown Off Angry Bull

Angry bulls do have a soft spot for the cows in their territory by being possessive especially during the breeding season. The bulls that are reared specifically for milk are more aggressive than those reared for their meat.

Bulls respond to the presence of invaders within 20 feet while the invader may not likely be able to outrun the bull and probe to attack and injuries.

Social Interaction

Due to their aggressive nature, bulls are reared in isolation having separate pen to protect other bulls from being attacked. The only time they interact with humans and cows is during the breeding season.

They are also treated indifferently by farmers; talk about throwing the child away with the bath water. They could be abandoned, leaving them to themselves except when they need their hoof trimmed.

To cap it up, bulls have a justified reason to be aggressive to humans: they are abused in some ways which include using them to plough farmlands, riding them aggressively and making them war against each other all in the name of sports!

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
Bulls Plowing Farmland

High Level Testosterone

Bulls that are castrated are less aggressive and they are the ones reared for their meat because of the low level of testosterone. High level of testosterone affects bull’s meat making them unsuitable for consumption as beef due to the taste.

The level of testosterone in a bull is equal to the level of aggressiveness in the bull; the hugher the level, the more aggressive the bull is. Their reproductive organs are intact and this is needed for breeding; the only time they get pampered.

That is why they are even more aggressive and possessive of their cows during the breeding season, charging at anyone and anything in its way.

How Angry Bulls Attack

The horned bulls use their horns to cause harm, wreck havoc to things in their way when they feel they are under attack or threathened.

For a bull attack based on fear, the bulls defend and fight using their legs to attack.

The attack of a bull in whatever mode or reason for the attack is usually painful, dangerous, destructive and ultimately deadly. There have been instances where the bull riders are killed or their bones crushed from the weight of attack.

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
An Angry Bull Attacking Its Rider

Dealing With Angry Bulls

Bulls are aggressive naturally due to the high level of testosterone especially the ones bred for breeding. Some are even bred to be aggressive.

There are some bulls that can be less aggressive seeming almost friendly and these are the ones that receive love and affection from the cattle farmers.

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
A Bull Hugged By Owner

Angry Bulls And Red Colour

This article will not be complete if I don’t attend to this popular notion that bulls are always attacking people wearing red or anything red.

Truth be told, we all went into hiding as instructed and when the herd moved away, we all started asking each other why we actually went into hiding.

Some colleagues claimed they have had attacks due to the red colour of the attire and for years, I went with that notion and trust me, made it a point of duty to warn others. LOL

I only got to know that cattles bulls inclusive are colour blind; meaning they don’t even know what colour of cloth you have on. It is but a misconception afterall.

But a colleague claimed to have been attacked, well yes but not because of the red colour. The attack was probably due to him moving within the 20 feet radius of the bull as the bulls are always on their trail.

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
A Bull Ready To Fight

Aggressive whipping and flogging of the bulls increases their aggressiveness; who likes to be flogged?

Bulls only attack when there’s a sudden movement sending signal to the brain that it nay be under attack and charge at the source of such movements such as seen in bull fighting.


Angry bulls is a name that have come to be associated with the male breed of cattles while the female bred cows are more tender.

They can get angry for no just cause or for insignificant reason such as a sudden movement within 20 feet of its territory.

The way bulls are raised, the reason for being raised and the fact that they don’t get attention contibute to their aggressive nature.

What You Should Know About Angry Bulls
What You Should Know About Angry Bulls

Angry bulls can be friendly but caution must be taken when approaching or moving near their beloved cow.

Have you been attacked by a bull? Share your experience with us.

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