Things To Know About Honey Bee Farming

Honey bee farming
Honey bee farming

Honey bee farming is quite lucrative. This is not surprising because the honey produced by bees has several benefits ranging from cosmetic benefits to health benefits.

Many of these benefits were discovered in recent years, which lead to skyrocketing demand for honey.

Famers who are into honey bee farming are making lots of money. Furthermore, current efforts by the government to diversify the economy of the nation by injecting money into the agricultural sector makes it easy to venture into any kind of farming, be it livestock production or crop production.

Honey bee farming
Honey bee

So, you can start considering the possibility of starting honey bee farming. Do not start asking too much of the ‘how question’ because this article is meant to serve that purpose.

In this article, we will be focused on bees, honey, honey production, and honey bees farming. This honey bee farming is highly lucrative and you don’t need to spend much in getting started. Let’s learn more about this money-making enterprise.

What to know about honey bee farming

Yes, a bee sting can be lethal, and there have been reports of deaths caused by a bee sting. Well, your fears have been justified but there is more to this business than stings and deaths.

Moreover, it is extremely rare to hear of death caused by a bee sting. Moreover, there are protective wares and tools used in honey bee farming to protect them from bees stings. Once you wear protective gear, you can enter the farm and inspect the bees and the honey production without fear of getting stung.

However, the main point of discussion here is the fact that honey bee farming is a booming business. The bees produce honey which is harvested and sold to consumers at homes, manufacturing industries, cosmetic outfits, and food industries. In many homes, honey is used to make food, drinks, heal wounds, fade scars, and so on. In manufacturing industries, honey is used as a major or minor ingredient in the production of packaged foods or drugs. In the cosmetics industry, honey is used as an ingredient in bathing soap and body creams. In the food industries such as restaurants, and beverage factories, honey is used to produce foods and drinks.

Honey bee farming
Honey bee farming

All of these tells of how much economic value honey has and why you should stop thinking about bee stings and start thinking about the enormous market potential of honey bee farming.

Amazing health benefits of honey

An adage says health is wealth. In the world today, many are suffering from ailments, and researchers are constantly made in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to produce medications against many of these diseases. Billions of dollars are spent globally to fund these researches.

Well, it has been discovered that honey has amazing health benefits. Little wonder why honey is a recognisable ingredient in many pharmaceutical products. This means honey is highly valued in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors of the economy and lots of money is spent to purchase and process honey into an ingredient in many of these drugs you find in pharmacies.

Some of the amazing benefits of honey include the following:

Prevention of heart ailments

Prevention of cancer

Natural cough relief

Heals burns and wounds

Remedy for gastrointestinal disorders etc.

The impressive health benefits of honey make the demand for it high which in turn makes honey a huge market potential in the pharmaceutical industry.

This is one major reason why you should consider farming honey bees, because the pharmaceutical industry alone can patronize you and turn your fortune around.

Startup cost

The startup cost for honey production is relatively low. The bulk of expenses in honey bee farming goes into setting up the boxes where the bees will build their hives. The cost of
producing the boxes depends on how much the carpenter is charging. Also, expenses must be made in acquiring protective gear and a smoke sprayer.

The protective gear will protect you from bees’ stings as they tend to get aggressive when the beehive is laden with honey.

The smoke sprayer comes in handy when carrying out a routine inspection. It is used to keep the bees in check when they are aggressive. It helps to mask the alarm pheromones released by the bees.

Generally, the cost of starting honey bee farming is relatively low, and the potential profits are enormous.

How to start honey bee farming

Honey bee farming
Honey bee farming

First and foremost, you need to acquire land that is far away from residences so as not to suffer complaints of stings from people. Make sure the land is fenced to keep away daring thieves who wouldn’t mind getting stung to get their hands on your bee.

Secondly, get the bee boxes constructed. The boxes should be set up in a way that allows for easy harvesting of the bees. It is advisable to get a skilled carpenter to construct and set up the boxes in the appropriate way.

Thirdly, you get the bees to occupy the boxes. Now, you may be wondering how can you capture live bees without getting stung by multiple bees. Do not worry there is no need to capture live bees and place them in the boxes. All you need to do is to get honey, preferably an unprocessed one, and smear the boxes with it. This will attract the bees and they will take residence in the boxes. The bees will dwell in these boxes and produce honey in them. On average the honey will be ready for harvest six weeks later.

Endeavour to carry out a routine inspection in a way that does not disturb the bees and interrupt the production of honey.


Honey is in high demand and those engaging in honey bee farming are smiling to the bank, all thanks to the economic uses of honey.

Honey bee farming
Honey bee farming

Honey bee farming is highly profitable if you plan and manage it well. It doesn’t require much startup capital and much work. I hope this article is helpful and kindly drop your comment on the comment box, we will like to get feedback from you.


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