Technology In Agriculture: An Answered Prayer

Technology In Agriculture: An Answered Prayer
Technology In Agriculture: An Answered Prayer

Technology is a term commonly associated with automobiles and IT but Agriculture makes use of technology in more ways than one.

There are emerging technological products that are amazing in agriculture and which makes farming even more productive.

There are small scale farmers and there are large scale farmers.

The capital, equipments and technology involved usually differentiates the two.

However, there are various technology involved in making agricultural practices better and this can make agriculture more fun, easier and interesting.

The demand for innovative technology in agriculture is very high due to the food demand and the inability to attract more people to venture into agriculture especially the younger generation.

Nobody wants to till the ground, fetch water to wet the crops or use their hands to harvest crops.

Technology In Agriculture; An Answered Prayer
Archaic Agricultural Practices

Technology in agriculture further reliefs the farmers stress, improve the crop viability and also boost food production.

This makes investors and farmers to have a mutual beneficial relationship and increase the number of young people going into agriculture.

Modern farmers whether young or old have embraced inventions and techniques that would improve their yield and profit and also ensure safety and sustainable agricultural practices.

All sectors of agriculture from livestock farming to crop production all have technology working for them.

Why The Need For Technology In Agriculture?

Growing up, it was cumbersome getting some crops harvested for sale such as corn from the cobs was a task I dreaded.

These are some of the challenges faced by farmers whether small scaled or large scaled; large scale farmers can employ extra hands when its time to harvest and this further reduces the profit margin and does not guarantee that the products would come out fine.

And with the intervention of technology in agriculture, there have been tremendous boost as small scale farmers can even lend these equipments when they cant afford to have one and that is good business and mutual benefit.

There are now equipments that can carefully remove the maize from the cobs, peel them and even grind them into maize grits (egbo) a delicacy I enjoy so much with beans and of course the crawly slimed creatures; snails.

Technology In Agriculture; An Answered Prayer
A Cooling Pad To Reduce Heat In Livestock Farming

Lets take a further look into the amazing technology in agriculture for your delight and use.

Some Innovative Technology In Agriculture

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is the agricultural practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers and has been a topic in science fiction dating back to 1950’s.

This method is viable as it can be employed in urban and city centers where there is little space to practice farming especially by households.

Other advantage of this vertical farming technology in agriculture is the fact that it is possible to cultivate rare crops in a controlled environment especially for crops that are not normally grown in such areas whether in urban centers of in farm settlements.

Technology In Agriculture; An Answered Prayer
A Vertical Farm

Water And Soil Sensors

This is a very interesting equipment with numerous benefits aside the simple interpretation we can get from the name.

It is durable, quite affordable, unobtrusive and easy to use providing useful information to determine moisture and nitrogen levels.

The water and soil sensor can help farmers know when to water and apply fertilizers as well as the required quantity thereby conserving water, reducing erosion, making the environment safer and eventually encouraging sustainable agriculture.

Technology In Agriculture; An Answered Prayer
Water And Soil Sensors

Weather Tracking

There is no way the weather will not make or mar a farming activity because that is what we rely on.

There are various sophisticated and computerized weather models as well as the meteorologists that can help to give accurate predictions.

There are mobile apps designed and focused exclusively for agriculture and farmers to know the weather conditions at a particular time; this can give farmers enough notice in advance and they can in turn take necessary precautions and reducing potential loss.

Technology In Agriculture; An Answered Prayer
Weather Tracker

Satellite Imaging

I learnt about satellite imaging in a geology class and I am amazed at how there are various sectors of the economy that can make use of it for improved outcome.

In agriculture, satellite imaging can be used for real time crop imagery with resolutions of 5 meter pixels and even better.

Crop imagery allows farmers view the crops up close and save time and agitation on when the crops are ready for harvest.

Pervasive Automation

This is the technology that reduces workload on the operator.

Examples of where the pervasive automation includes autonomous vehicles controlled by robots or remotes such as RTK navigation systems that is used to reduce seeding and fertilization routines.

Some farm equipments have already adopted the ISOBUS standard, putting the precipice of farming a reality where balers, combines, tractors etc communicate and even operate in a simple plug-and-play manner.

Technology In Agriculture; An Answered Prayer
Pervasive Automation

Chromosomal Technology

A chromosome is a structure within a cell that include some genetic material; that is hold a lot of information.

The type here is a mini chromosomal technology where agricultural geneticists can add as small as dozens even up to hundreds of traits to a plant.

These traits can be simple or quite complex, including drought tolerance and nitrogen use.

The most interesting thing about the mini chromosomal technology is that the original plant chromosomes are not tampered with in any way resulting in faster regulatory approval, wider and faster acceptance from users.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

The RFID technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

It consists of a tiny radio transponder, a radio receiver and transmitter. This technology is relatively new in agriculture but is sure gaining grounds rapidly.

Technology In Agriculture; An Answered Prayer
RFID Technology In Agriculture

With the soil and water sensors having set a foundation for traceability, the sensors in RFID provide information that can be associated with farm yields.

More so, it is so amazing that your food items can have a barcode which you can scan with your smart phone providing you with information as detailed as the type of soil and exact location they were cultivated; that is how serious technology in agriculture can be.


Technology in agriculture is a necessity as technology is generally transforming every aspect of our lives and daily living.

There are still more technological advancement in the making that would allow even the end user consumer of agricultural products to learn more about whatever they are about to use or consume.

Innovative technology in agriculture have made farming more attractive as many young farmers and investors are considering ways on how to reduce world hunger and provide healthy food crops and livestock for the benefit of man, animals and creating safe environment.

Technology In Agriculture: An Answered Prayer
Technology In Agriculture: An Answered Prayer

Would you consider going into farming with any of these innovative technology in agriculture and reduce world hunger?

Do you have anyone still struggling because they are not aware of these innovations?

Feel free to share the article and leave your comment below!

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