Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For

Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For
Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For

Pig predators are predominantly larger animals in the wild. Pigs are wild animals although domesticated by man. They are yet, preys and game to other wild animals and man.

Predators of pigs are quite a handful and because of their vulnerability and big stature, they are easy targets even though they don’t go down without a fight.

Over the years, some varieties of pigs have been domesticated by man. Yet, it is important to note that pigs are wild by nature. The pig specie is wide and each has their own unique characteristics.

Some species are being tagged “endangered” due to the rate at which they are prone to attacks and the dwindling number available. Boars and pigs are prey to larger predators as they are usually unable to defend themselves.

The domesticated variety of pigs are often used for meat and protected in farms while few are allowed to wander around especially in rural communities. Safety measures such as electric fences, gates, and guard animals makes the pigs on farms a little bit safer.

Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For
Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For

Pig Predators

There are many wild animals that can take down a pig with ease and few others that would be fought before they overcome them. Pig predators are usually bigger in stature, wilder and more agile than the pigs. Pigs are generally known to be slow animals with the domesticated ones even slower with no defense mechanics.

The list of pig predators you should watch out for is long, but the most common ones include: man, large birds, wild cats and dogs.

Man as Pig predators

Man has domesticated varieties of pig species as food and for use as raw materials for industries. Rearing of pigs are legit businesses and so there are no laws against it in some countries. However, hunting pigs for game can be an offence in some countries and this is the main part where man are seen as pig predators.

Pigs to man has been a source of food, as some countries enjoy pork or other varieties of pig meat for celebrations such as Christmas.

Pigs are also raised and bred for their hides and hair. The hair is used in paint and other types of brushes while their hides as leather in the production of belts, shoes etc.

Pigs have a great sense of smell and their innate foraging ability makes them a great choice to hunt for truffles.

Poachers of wild pigs abound in the forest of Africa and there’s a lot to be done to prevent some species from going into extinction.

Large Birds as Pig Predators

Pigs are big in stature but they cannot fly! This is what large birds use against young piglets. They attack the unsuspecting family and cart away their young. Piglets are sources of nutrients to large birds such as eagles, vultures etc.

Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For
Large Birds As Pig Predators

Wild Cats as Pig Predators

They are the ferocious pig predators and the most dreaded. The wild cat family include lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, etc. Pigs are generally fearful of the wild cats and their speed is nothing compared to the big cats.

Dogs as Pig Predators

Domesticated or wild dogs are pig predators every time. They pose threats to both piglets and the matured pigs and they are a source of concern to many pig farmers. A guard dog on a pig farm can also attack the piglets on the farm as they have a natural liking for the taste of pigs.

Stray dogs are known to be always hungry, looking for food and pigs that escape their fence on farms are prone to attacks and being made a sumptuous meal. This form of attacks are also common in areas where pigs are allowed to roam free.

Foxes and Coyotes

These animals are smart and quick hunters who prey on young animals such as piglets and other livestock when available. Pigs that are relatively bigger are threats so they go for the smaller one. However, a group of these predators can effectively attack one big pig and overpower it.

An advantage that pigs can have is that they move in groups and can gang up to attack a predator although one may pay the ultimate sacrifice. In North America, coyotes and foxes are threats to pigs’ survival especially the sick and injured adult pigs.

Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For
Wild Cats And Carnivores

Large Carnivores

World in the wide is extremely cruel and dangerous. Large carnivores such as wolves and bears are threats to pigs regardless of their size. They have no remorse for hunting down these pigs, well, they only want to eat!

These large carnivores are skilled with smart hunting strategies to pounce, kill and feast on pigs. Bears for example hunt wider range for their meals and once they locate a pig habitat, they pitch their tent close. Bears therefore, are the deadliest predators to pigs with respect to the danger they pose.

The sense of smell and good memory also serve to their advantage. They know and remember where they had pork and will come back for a taste. A whole pack of carnivores can hunt down a pig habitat as it is dangerous for them to hunt alone.

Pig Predators in Water

These water predators are mainly crocodiles and alligators. Pigs are lovers of swamp and water thereby taking them to the territory of these predators. Also attacked by the water predators are boars although wild boars have defense mechanisms, they do not always win.

Aged boars, pigs and piglets fall victim to the vicious and ferocious water predators. This is because their strength is reduced and they are not as quick as when they were younger. They therefore make for bacon dinner!

Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For
Pig Predators In Water


Pig predators are their closest neighbours and caregivers as seen in the case of man. Human beings adore and raise pigs all for meat, hair and skin. Pork is a sweet delicacy enjoyed by many creatures (man and animals).

In the wild, pig predators are bigger and more ferocious. The most vulnerable are the piglets which are defenseless, fragile and without strength to fight off predators. Domesticated pigs and piglets need more attention to be paid to their pen to protect them.

Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For
Pig Predators You Should Watch Out For

How ferocious are you as a pig predator, in terms of using their skin, hair and enjoying their meat? Well, pork is delicious and nourishing and I enjoy using their skin and hair as well.

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