Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English
Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English

Calling names of meat correctly in English may not seem important until there’s no choice but to check for it to communicate effectively or to find out more about its health benefits. It can also save a life in the case of food allergies. 

Knowing the right names for meat is necessary especially when travelling from one place to another. English names are the same world over while local names are just within a geographical location except, when two locals meet up in diaspora.

Meat is a general name for animal flesh consumed by man and sometimes other animals. In some quarters, it is believed that all animal flesh including those that live in water are meat while some would argue that they are not to be called meat.

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English
Different Types of Animal Flesh

Whichever way, the right names of meat in English, whether fishes or birds, is effective in saving life. For example, anyone allergic to cow meat may be served beef without knowing it is cow meat or a religious person served pork against their doctrine. It may seem funny but this will come in handy.

For culinary businesses, having the correct names of meat on the menu speaks volume such as class, knowledge and interest in the overall health of their diners. It shows that the right peg is in the right hole.

Classification Of Animal Flesh

Animals can be classified in various ways ranging from their habitat, their feeding mode, their physical characteristics, how they move etc. For animal flesh, we would classify based on their characteristics and habitat. They include:

Red Meats: These are animal flesh that are red in colour when raw and turn dark when cooked. They are usually obtained from mammals. Examples include beef, pork, mutton, etc.

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English
Red Meats In Various Forms

White Meats: these are animal flesh that are pale or somehow white before and after cooking. They are usually the poultry birds such as chickens, turkey, etc. Some schools of thought classify fish under white meats.

Seafood: this is a general name for water organisms whether fresh water, brackish water, ocean or sea water habitats. Some classification places them under white meat because of the colour. Examples include fish, crabs, prawns, etc.

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English
An Array of Seafoods

Names Of Meat In English

Whether for culinary purposes, or for academic purposes, here are some correct names of meat in English and the source with some having slightly different name depending on the age of the animal.


Beef: this is the general name given to meat obtained from cows, and bulls that are one year old and above.

Veal: this is the name given to the meat of younger cows and bulls less than a year old. Their age is between six to seven months.


Pork: this is the name given to the meat of adult pigs; no longer feeding on their mother’s milk.

Suckling pig meat: just as the name implies, it is the meat of a piglet or baby pigs still being breastfed by the mother.


Mutton: this is the name of the meat of matured sheep that is more than one year old and fed with varieties of food.

Lamb: is the general name of meat from young sheep not more than a year old.

Suckling lamb: from the name, these are lambs still being breastfed and not more than one month.

Paschal lamb: these are lambs slaughtered at four months of age and have been fed with other food varieties.


Chevon: this is the French word for goat and is the English name for the meat from a mature goat.

Kid: this is the name of a baby goat and its meat thereof. They have started taking varieties and are no longer on their mother’s milk.

Cabrito: a Spanish and Portuguese word is the name given to baby goats still being breastfed and have not started taking other types of food.

Mutton: is the name given to the meat of goats in some countries like Nepal, SriLanka, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English
A Deer


Venison: this is the meat from deer. It is a delicacy in countries like Israel, New Zealand, Tasmania and some parts of North America such as Georgia, and Michigan. Places like Connecticut, India and China have regulations governing both the sale.


Chicken: is simply the name of the poultry that produces the meat and the meat itself.

Turkey: is the name of the poultry bird and its meat.

Squab: is the name of the meat of the pigeon bird.

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English
White Meat


Fishes: this is the general name of the sea animal and the flesh obtained from it. The difference is known by the unique name of the animal. Examples include Salmon; the fish and the meat from it; Sardine and other types of fish.

Seafood: this is the general name for water animals that live in the sea and their meat. Examples include prawn, crayfish, crab etc.

Other Varieties In Names Of Meat

Animal flesh or simply put meats are processed into other items different from the raw version. Knowing what a food item is made of can help when deciding on what to buy and what not to buy. Food items from animal flesh includes:

Bacon: this is a processed pork or beef treated with smoke and or salt and cut into thin slices. Oftentimes, bacon is made from pork. For people that do not eat pork (pig meat) for whatever reason should stay clear of bacon and any dish made from or with it.

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English

Sausage: this is a processed grounded meat from beef or pork with a thin skin layer round it and shaped in a cylindrical form. There are instructions on the pack about the source meat so what out for the beef or pork versions.

Ham: is a salted and smoked pork usually as a way of preserving them.

Pepperoni: made from cured beef or pork and mashed together. It is usually soft, bright red coloured and smoky.

Salami: is a flat grounded meat made by fermenting and air drying the beef or pork.

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English

Steak: this is a sliced piece of meat in a perpendicular pattern.

Ribs: it is the less fleshy part of meat, prepared as a whole with the bones showing. Common examples include lamb ribs, pork ribs etc.


The names of meat is as important as knowing what is eaten for the total well being, food safety and adherence to some beliefs. The food item made up of meat give details on the process, preservation and appearance of the dish they are used to prepare.

Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English
Get Familiar With Names Of Meat In English

Get familiar with these names and get people looking in awe. More names of meat? Put them in the comment section.

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