Know The Names Of Baby Animals

Know The Names Of Baby Animals
Know The Names Of Baby Animals

In all living things, reproduction is key and animals give birth to babies through various methods. Baby animals are adorable and cute, especially those with cute parents. Some baby animals are hatched from eggs or born alive.

Baby animals of the mammal category are born alive. Some other baby animals such as birds and reptiles are hatched from eggs. Whichever reproductive method, animals give birth and it is fun!

The only reason why we have animals around despite changes in weather, hunting spree, predators etc is because they reproduce. Reproduction is the key to life and animals have their own quota which they contribute.

Due to human activities, such as hunting, bush burning etc some animals have become classified as endangered species while some are already extinct. Not all animals tend to their babies and not all baby animals live to see their first birthday.

Know The Names Of Baby Animals
Know The Names Of Baby Animals

Some animals mate with others on the same farm and their young ones are strong while others can only produce young ones when they mate with animals from other farms.

Animal reproduction can be looked at from various angles because it is an extensive topic and a detailed knowledge is required.

However, this article will briefly highlight some reproduction methods and how animals tend to their young ones and of course, baby animals’ names.

Care of Baby Animals

In tending to their young, some animals take care of their babies till they are old enough to be left alone or fend for themselves. Some animals on the other hand, just lay eggs or give birth and nature takes over the care.

Know The Names Of Baby Animals
Mother Elephant And Calf

The duration of care from their mother or both parents also varies from species to species. Some can stay to be nursed for about 2 weeks and some need care till about 6 years. Examples of animals that tend to their young ones include elephants, mouthbrooders, pandas etc.

Some baby animals are attended to very briefly for their own protection and safety of the mother. A typical example is the rabbit; tends to the bunnies briefly and a duration of 3 weeks. This is due to their distinctive scent that can attract predators to the babies.

Other animals select the strong and healthy ones for the protection of other siblings against infections and diseases. An example is the cat; leaves a sick kit and tends to the other siblings. The panda can also tend to this category due to survival instinct as they select the strong one of their two cubs.

The snakes and lizards on the other hand have little or no maternal instinct. The lizards may not meet their parents in their lifetime. They make up for this by laying eggs in large amounts so that the ones that survive can live as the probability of all eggs hatching is low.

Birthing Baby Animals

Recently, I stumbled on an article about the fish species called mouthbrooders. The mother protects the eggs in her mouth till they are fertilized. Because the eggs are in her mouth, she doesn’t eat for fear of swallowing them. That I say is intriguing.

Know The Names Of Baby Animals

Some animals that lay eggs protect their eggs such that predators can be attacked violently. These animals can be friendly naturally but when it comes to their young, they are violent to predators. Examples of animals that protect their eggs include mouthbrooders, octopus, alligators, snails etc.

In other animals, the eggs are laid in the open for someone else, human or animal to take over the hatching process. Examples of animals in this category include lizards, turkey, frogs, turtles, ostrich etc.

Mammals are known to give birth to live babies except platypus and echidna that lay eggs. Some mammals tend their young ones and others leave them to nature for their own protection most times. Examples of animals that don’t stay long with their babies include rabbits, merino sheep etc.

Names of Baby Animals

Names are for easy identification and every organism has one they are called with. Some baby animals are called the same name by their parents while others have different names by adding a suffix. Some animals share names with other species and others have distinctive names.

Animals are categorized in a simple manner for easy understanding. This is just our own simple classification and not necessarily a scientific research.

Know The Names Of Baby Animals
Know The Names Of Baby Animals


Male Baby Chicken: Poult or cockerel

Female baby chicken: Poult or pullet

Baby Crane: Colt

Baby Dove: Squab

Baby Duck: Duckling

Baby Eagle: Eaglet

Baby Falcon: Eyas

Baby Goose: Gosling

Grouse: Cheeper, squealer

Baby Guinea Fowl: Keet

Baby Loon: Loonlet

Baby Owl: Owlet

Baby Swan: Cygnet, flapper

Male Baby Turkey: Poult or Jake

Female Baby Turkey: Poult or Jenny

Baby Ostrich: chick

Know The Names Of Baby Animals
Hatching Baby Snakes


Baby Alligator: hatchling

Baby Lizard: hatchling

Baby crocodile: hatchlings

Baby snake: snakelet

Baby Rat: pup or pinkie


Baby Frog: tadpole, polliwog or froglet

Baby Toad: tadpole

Baby Salamander: salamander nymphs


Baby Pig: piglet

Baby Goat: kid

Baby Sheep: lamb

Baby Rabbit: kit or bunny

Baby Buffalo: calf

Baby Monkey: infant

Baby Cow: calf

Baby Donkey: foal

Baby Horse: colt

Baby Platypus: platypup

Baby Dog: pup or puppy

Know The Names Of Baby Animals
Dog’s Puppies

Baby Cat: kitten

Baby Bat: pup

Baby Camel: calf

Flies And Insects

Baby Butterfly: caterpillar

Baby Bee: larva

Baby Spider: spiderling

Baby Ants: antlings

Baby Grasshopper: nymph

Mosquito: wriggler or lymph


Baby Kangaroo: joey

Baby Deer: fawn

Baby Elephant: calf

Baby Lion: cub

Baby Tiger: cub

Baby Giraffe: calf

Baby Elk: calf

Baby Fox: cub, pup or kit

Baby Hyena: cub

Baby Ox: calf or stot

Baby Zebra: colt or foal

Know The Names Of Baby Animals
A Lioness And Her Cubs


Baby Fish: fry or fingerling

Baby Codfish: codling, hake or sprat

Baby Dolphin: pup or calf

Baby Eel: elver

Baby Whale: calf


Baby animals are adorable, naming them and watching them grow is exciting. The baby animals all have their own characteristics even if the parents are not available for whatever, let them feel loved.

Know The Names Of Baby Animals
Know The Names Of Baby Animals

Having learnt the baby animals and their names, let us know the ones you find cute. If there are others, simply put them in the comments section.

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