How To Start Tiger Nuts Farming

Tiger nuts farming
Tiger nuts farming

Interests in the business of farming are growing and certain farm produce are sure money rakers and tiger nuts farming is one of them.

There is no doubt that the farming business is a major income earner and a means to poverty alleviation in the nation If not globally.

Moreover, the ongoing revamp of the sector by the government through favourable policies and provision of enabling environment makes farming more attractive and lucrative.

Now, you be wondering if tiger nuts are marketable, well they are! There is a rewarding market for tiger nuts farming because tiger nuts are used for a variety of things. More so, tiger nuts have great health benefits.

Tiger nuts farming
Fresh tiger nuts

Amazing health benefits of tiger nuts

Tiger nuts farming has the potential of being financially rewarding due to the many health benefits it possesses.

Tiger nuts are a good source of Vitamins E and C and help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases has caused many cases of death and it poses a serious threat to members of society.

Other interesting health benefits of tiger nuts include; control of diabetes, remedy for erectile dysfunction, remedy for indigestion, and tiger nuts are rich in fibre.

Tiger nuts are great for consumption as shown by the amazing health benefits of the crop. Tiger nuts can be consumed in different forms; they can be consumed fresh, dried, or grounded into powder for consumption.

So, only these health benefits are good reasons enough for you to begin the tiger nuts farming business because the demand is assured.

Consumption of tiger nuts

Tiger nuts farming
Semi-dried tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are widely consumed in Nigeria. You tend to find hawkers hawking tiger nuts in the street of Nigeria.

It is called different names in Nigeria; in the Northern part of the country, it is called Aya, in the South-Eastern part, it is called Aki Awusa, and in the South-West, it is called Imumu.

The different names are proof that tiger nuts are highly consumed across the country.

There are two types of tiger nuts; fresh tiger nuts and semi-dried tiger nuts. The fresh tiger nuts are less harder as compared to the semi-dried tiger nuts and they are fleshy.

The semi-dried ones are harder and can be stored for a longer period. Both types of tiger nuts can be eaten raw and are delicious.

Tiger nuts can be processed or used for making other foods. In the North, tiger nuts are used to prepare a drink known as Kunun Aya.

The drink is made by squashing the nuts to extract the juice in them by grinding, sifting to remove chaff, and cooking. The drink is delicious and is widely consumed in the country, especially in the North.

The chaff of tiger nuts can be used to make animal feeds. It also be mixed with flour to make varieties of meals.

Cultivation of tiger nuts

Tiger nuts farming
Tiger nuts farming

Tiger nut farming has prospects and it is ideal for agribusiness investment. The demand for the produce is high and there aren’t many farmers out there engaging in tiger nuts farming.

You can use tiger nut farming to enrich yourself. Moreover, it can be used to generate foreign revenue because tiger nuts have export value.

Tiger nuts grow on almost any type of soil, however, well-drained Sandy loam soils are the best for tiger nuts farming.

Actually, tiger nuts are not nuts as the name goes, they are tubers that grow beneath the ground surface. Ridges for tiger nuts farming should be high because tiger nut plants can grow 20cm – 60cm into the soil.

Tiger nuts farming can be carried out in any season, whether dry or rainy season. This indicates that cultivation can be done all year round.

In dry season, a good irrigation system should be put in place to supply adequate water to the tiger nuts farm.

Water can be sourced from nearby water bodies such as rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, and even from boreholes.

Planting can be done through the use of seeds/tubers or through the rhizomes of the crop. The rhizomes are part of the roots, and they should be planted 5cm to 9cm into the soil.

The plants should be well-spaced, when planting seeds should be spaced by 15cm. Normally, the crop starts developing into tubers six weeks after planting and it takes 3 to 4 months to mature.

Caring for your tiger nuts farm

Tiger nuts farming
Tiger nuts farming

One advantage of tiger nuts farming is that the crop is quite resistant, therefore it requires lesser care as compared to other crops.

However, there is still a need to care for your tiger nuts farm as failure to do so will render your effort fruitless.

Weeds should be cleared either manually through the use of simple farming tools such as hoes and cutlass or through the use of herbicides to rid the farm of weeds.

Weeds can cause serious problems such as causing insufficient ingestion do nutrients by the crops and depriving the crops of adequate room to grow well.

Also, pesticides need to be used to rid the farm of pests that can burrow into the soil and eat up the tiger nuts pests infestation that can cause diseases.

The fertiliser should be applied to supplement nutrients to the soil, these nutrients are ingested by then crops to grow well and give high yield by the end of the farming season.

It is advisable to apply herbicides and pesticides with caution, excessive application especially when the crops are very close to maturation can render the crops toxic because the side effects of the chemicals in those herbicides and pesticides wouldn’t have worn off before harvesting.

These chemicals should be applied long before maturation or harvest time.

Failure to properly tend to your tiger nut farm may result in poor yield thereby making it high to make a substantial income.


Farming business is a good place to invest your money, time, and effort in. You can begin such investment by venturing into the business of tiger nuts farming.

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Tiger nuts farming
Tiger nuts farming

Tiger nuts farming is highly lucrative and you can use it to start your foray into the realm of agribusiness. Kindly drop your comments on what you think about the business of tiger nuts farming or your questions or experience on the subject matter.

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