Basics Of Running A Successful Cattle Rearing Business

Basics Of Running A Successful Cattle Rearing Business
Basics Of Running A Successful Cattle Rearing Business

The cattle rearing business is lucrative. You may look at those Fulani cattle herders as simple persons without much. As a group of people just tending to cows and moving from one place to another in search of pasture. Now, let us do a little analysis here;

Do you know that the cost of an average cow or bull goes for about N100,000? Now multiply this sum with the number of cows or bulls that a simple Fulani nomad rears. Let us assume he rears a hundred cows; N100,000 multiplied by 100 cows will generate a whooping sum of N1,000,000!

Interesting right? Yes, these Fulani herders move about with hundreds of thousand naira or millions. It is a goldmine.

Cattle rearing business
A herd of cattle

Oh yes, the cattle rearing business is a goldmine. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise because cattle are needed for many essential things. Their milk is used as a beverage (especially by northerners), they serve as meat (beef) and their hide and skin are used to produce leather clothing and other fashionable accessories.

You must not pick a stick and start moving from place to place like the Fulani herders. The idea here is to acquire young cattle, rear them into maturation, then sell them for money.

This article will guide you on how to go about it, so ready your mind for this money-making information on the cattle rearing business.

How to run a successful cattle rearing business

As already mentioned, this article will give insights on how to venture into the cattle rearing business. It will deal with tips on how to start well and finish successfully.

Below are basics on how to run a successful cattle rearing business:

Growth and maturation

Cattle rearing business
A fully grown cow

On average, a cow or bull takes eighteen months, that is one year six months to attain full growth and maturation.

However, the fattening up and sturdiness of cattle depends on how well they are fed and protected from diseases.

So, for cattle to attain full growth, sturdiness, and chubbiness, the cows and bulls need to be well-fed and treated for eighteen months. That is over a year.

The gestation period of a cow is about 280 days, almost a year. The gestation period is biological jargon and it means the time between a cow conceiving and birthing a calf.

As you look to invest in the cattle rearing business, you ought to consider the time it will take for cattle to grow, fatten up and produce before taking them to the open market for sales.

Feeding and housing

Cattle rearing business involves grazing, they only need an adequate supply of grass, foliage, hay, crop plants, legumes, and hay to graze on or subsist. All of these sustain them and they are considerably cheap to acquire.

In the rainy season, you only need to take them to a pasture to feed and ruminate. You can achieve this at no monetary cost. However, in dry season pastures are dried, you may need to purchase hay to supplement their diet.

Also, supply them with adequate clean water twice or thrice daily.

Cattle can be kept in the open fields to graze and dwell in.

Alternatively, they can be kept in pens to provide shade or protection from the rain. The pens can be made of a rooftop supported by poles. Pens can also be surrounded by wire to hold cattle from straying.

Medical treatment

Cattle rearing business
A vet checking a bull

Cattle are prone to contracting diseases because they are messy creatures. Moreover, they tend to host all manner of parasites and other pathogens. For example, Gastrointestinal infections commonly affect cattle, rendering them sick, emaciated, and stunted. Gastrointestinal infections can be lethal causing the death of cattle.

In the cattle rearing business, you must prioritise the health of your cattle, by having them medicated regularly against diseases. Also, ensure you routinely deworm them. You can have a veterinary doctor look at your cattle routinely and vaccinate them against infections.

Also, you should try to keep their pens clean by regular cleaning and disinfection. This will reduce messiness in the pens and protect the cattle from contracting diseases.

The market value of cattle

The cattle rearing business is lucrative because a single cow or bull can sell for over a hundred thousand naira. A fully grown cow or bull goes for N150,000 to N200,000 as against the price of a young cow or bull which is N45,000 to N60,000. Now imagine how much you stand to gain after buying a herd of young cattle and rearing them into maturation. We are talking about profits running into hundreds of thousands or millions of naira!

However, you should note that the cattle rearing business is capital intensive. Buying cattle and rearing them requires money. You will need to have an adequate fund, a sustainable budget, and good management. Nonetheless, the market value of cattle is high and encouraging.


Cattle rearing business
A herd of cattle

Marketing of cattle is best done with the involvement of Fulani cattle herders as middlemen. They make the best middlemen in buying or selling cattle.

Fulani cattle herders usually own spaces in animal markets where they display cattle to willing buyers. So, they can display your cattle along with theirs and help you to sell. Normally, they charge a small amount of money as commission.

This method is optimal, however, it will take some days before you will sell out your cattle.


Cattle rearing business is a multi-million naira industry and you can tap into the vast wealth therein. The demand for cattle is unprecedented in this part of the world as it is used for numerous things other than direct consumption of beef. Their milk is taken as a refreshing meal called Fura da nono in the North. Their hide and skin are used in the leather-making industry to make shoes, bags, belts, caps, and so on.

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The things discussed above will help you to begin running a cattle rearing business and eventually make lots of money from it. All it requires is your time, money, diligence, and patience.

There may be challenges, especially challenges raised from disease outbreaks. The challenge of disease outbreaks is common because cattle are messy creatures.

Basics Of Running A Successful Cattle Rearing Business
Basics Of Running A Successful Cattle Rearing Business

However, this challenge is surmountable if you adhere strictly to disease prevention or control routine; make sure your cattle are well fed and have them checked routinely by veterinary personnel.

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