How To Earn Millions Rearing Poultry

How To Make Millions Rearing Poultry
How To Make Millions Rearing Poultry

If you are planning to or just diving into poultry farming as a novice, then for surety, you will certainly need to think of how to earn huge money in this agribusiness.

Well, the concept of earning millions is not limited to just beginners only, as old time poultry farmers strive to be on top of their games.

Of course, everyone wants to chill in millions while doing business.

Poultry mortality
Poultry feeding

However, looking at the high cost of poultry farm implements, the tips for earning millions or rather profit in your poultry farm will come in handy.

In this resource, we would discuss the core ideas that will enable you to optimize your poultry farm activities and maximize earnings.

Shall we begin?

Ideas That Will Enable You To Make Millions In Poultry Farming Business

For the records, earning huge profits in your poultry business may not necessarily require you to increase your chicken costs.

Rather, you could easily gain a great advantage over your competitors by optimizing your current operations.

What do we mean by that?

Several cost factors are introduced into the production of chickens.

Therefore, if you are able to effectively optimize the cost of producing your chickens, then you would certainly remain profitable even when your competitors struggle.

Having said that, what can you do to maximize earnings in your poultry business?

Things You Can Do To Maximize Earnings In Your Poultry Business

  • Selecting The Best Chicken Breeds

If you are really eager to make millions in your poultry business, then this is the first thing to get right, as the entire thing you will do as a poultry farmer depends on this particular decision.

Poultry mortality

Suppose you chose a poor breed of chicken from the onset, it would be no surprise to suffer a lot of losses.

Selecting the best breed of chickens isn’t easy, especially for farmers new into the poultry business.

The following are few things to guide your decision.

  • Identify the aim of your poultry business

This is a basic step as it will aid you in selecting the right breed for rearing.

More so, it is crucial to decide on time whether to dive into meat production (known as broiler farming).

In such case, you can go ahead to decide on which particular breed of broiler chicken is the best for you.

Poultry mortality

It is also important to choose a broiler chicken that is capable of gaining table-size weight within a short time, for instance 8 weeks (2 months).

However, on the other hand, if you plan to start egg production or layers chicken farming, then it’s vital to select from a list of layer chickens.

It is also advisable to only pick breeds that are highly prolific layers with disease resistance.

Should in case you don’t know how to take such decision, then there’s need to consult a vet or inquire from other farmers in forums.

  • Reach out to a good hatchery to supply chicks

As soon as you have identified aim of your poultry farming business, the next thing is to get across to a good hatchery for the supply.

Always purchase your chicks from hatcheries with a track record of producing quality chicks.

Poultry mortality

Getting your chicks from random hatchery can cause you severe problems which may even stop you from making huge profit.

Furthermore, make sure that the chicks are adequately vaccinated.

When adequate vaccination is lacking, you may end up breading disease-carrying birds in your farm thereby destroying your flock.

  • Beware of middlemen

This is important, especially when you are buying a small number of chicks to start your poultry farm, as there are possibilities that you may not get directly from the hatcheries.

Why? because several hatcheries choose to market in larger quantities.

In such situation, middlemen purchase in bulk from the hatchery and then resell to smaller farmers.

The core issue about the middlemen is that most of them are not honest, as some would deliberately package low-quality chicks in cartons owned by high-quality chicks suppliers.

When you come to purchase that high-quality breed, they offer you the repacked chicks at the price of the standard chicks.

What an evil in broad daylight!

Well, at this point in business, you must be careful with these middlemen, and only purchase from tested and trusted ones.

Optimize Your Poultry Feed

Another vital factor that can enable you to increase your poultry farming profit is feed optimization.

Feed optimization is very crucial as feed takes up a core part of the cost of chicken production.

Additionally, the birds require feed and water which are then converted in their body to produce meat and eggs.

Poultry business opportunities in agriculture

So, to increase your poultry profit, it is needful to cut down on the cost of feeding the birds.

One of the best ways of doing this is by supplementing their feed with alternative feeds such as fodder and black soldier fly [BSF].

More so, you could learn how to cultivate fodders or farm black soldier flies as supplementary feeds for chickens.

One other idea would be to wisely invest your money in acquiring a standard feed formula for your chickens to make millions off your poultry business.

You may choose to consult a professional nutritionist to come up with a formula for you or you may simply purchase formula for your chickens.

One of the good places to get a quality feed formula for your chicken is on Afrimash.

It is simply an ebook, therefore you can decide to invest in getting this formula, and join other farmers making use of this method to earn huge profit for yourself.

Work With Organic Other Than Synthetic Medication To Maximize Poultry Profit

Medication is another thing that costs a lot in poultry production after cost of food.

So many farmers spend aggressively on synthetic drugs for their birds.

And at the end of the production period, they discover that they’ve spent so much with very little profit available to boast of.

The best way of preventing such ill experience and maximizing profit is by opting for organic medication.

Organic medication of chickens consists of herbs and spices that aid in combating poultry disease, thereby improving their immune system.

Poultry equipment
A poultry

Organic medications will enable you to minimize poultry mortality and maximize earnings.

It would also be wise to get a coach to assist you in the production of these organic medications.

In addition, it’s vital to learn how to administer the medications as well as the dosage and its schedule.

More so, it’s crucial to uphold proper hygiene in your poultry farm, as proper hygiene will enable you to prevent the development and spread of diseases that could result to high poultry mortality.

Erect Strong Structures

The cost of building a poultry house takes up a huge chunk of the cost of launching a profitable poultry farming business.

Regardless of whether you’re making use of the deep litter poultry farming system, or the battery cage system, you must build it well.

Should in case there be any error when building your poultry house, then you would have to continue spending in a long run to fix such error.

Therefore, you must make use of only the best building materials when building your poultry house.

For surety, a strong structure will enable you to save the cost of repairs and assist you in maximizing your poultry profit.

Acquire Durable Equipment

Well, this is similar to building a strong structure for your poultry rearing business.

Nothing beats using equipments and materials that will last on a long run.

You must look into purchasing only but quality equipment when starting or building your poultry business or house.

All things ranging from the feeders to drinkers, and few other basic equipment must be durable enough.

A strong feeder will aid in preventing feed spillage and feed waste in the poultry house.

Furthermore, a strong drinker wouldn’t start leaking water within a short while thereby needing a replacement.

The importance of these measures put in place is to make sure that you do not begin spending afresh for implements that ought to be a one time cost.

Employ Affordable And Experienced Labour

In order to make millions in your poultry business, you must learn to cut down on the cost of labour.

The question remains “how can one cut down the cost of labour in a poultry business?”

It’s simple! In fact, one of the effective ways to achieve that is by situating your poultry farm near rural areas where there is cheap labour.

More so, you could choose to get someone who you can train on the job while he assists you in handling the chickens.

Of course, the cheaper the labour that you get, the more profit you get off your poultry.

Draft A Strategic Marketing Plan

Just before you set out to commence your poultry rearing business, one of the first things to implement is market research.

Performing a market research will enable you to identify the demand for your product.

Additionally, you can only acquire valuable contact from prospective buyers that will purchase your products when you do a proper research.

Surviving Harmattan Season In Poultry Farming
Surviving Harmattan Season In Poultry Farming

It’s crucial to undergo a comprehensive marketing plan so as to avoid spending too much on storing your chickens when you should be marketing them.

Although, this concept is mainly applicable in broiler chicken farming.

Broiler chickens need about 8 weeks [2 months] to mature under normal circumstances.

When your chickens reach such age and you do not sell them off, then you would be at great loss, as the feed conversion rate of the birds will drastically drop from that point on.

Moreover, any quantity of feed they consume from then onward would not result in any significant change in their body size or even weight.

For this cause, it is vital to often plan your sales ahead, and secure your buyers before you even begin to raise your birds.

On the other side of the poultry business, if you’re into egg production, it’s important to know when your birds must be replaced; when their egg production no longer tally the feeding cost.

Note that everything one does in a poultry farming business requires him/her to be strategic so as to maximize profits and earn millions rearing poultry.


If you want to earn millions rearing poultry as a poultry farmer, then you ought to practice the 7 tips above.

Why? Because they will assist you in cutting down on unnecessary cost, and guide you on the right path that leads to more profit for your poultry business.

We strongly believe that applying the aforementioned strategies would be the gamechanger for you.

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Above all, please never forget to drop a comment to tell us the strategy you plan using.

And again, would you begin planning your marketing ahead, or are you just going to first secure the best breeds for your poultry business?

How To Make Millions Rearing Poultry
How To Make Millions Rearing Poultry

Please, do let us know right in the comment section.

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