How To Acquire Wealth From Walnut Farming

Walnut farming
Walnut farming

Walnut farming is proof of the abundance of wealth in the business of agriculture. This agricultural product can be eaten raw and individuals that are into the business of walnut farming can attest to the fact that it is financially rewarding.

Speaking of financial reward, the farming business is a goldmine and it is quite sad that many are ignorant of the moneymaking potential of the farming business.

You may choose to go into livestock farming or crop cultivation or mix them both. Whichever you choose to do will definitely reward you, especially if you manage your farm well.

The Earth is rich, and farming business is a means of enjoying the abundance of wealth the Earth has.

Moreover, entrepreneurs, governments, and ordinary individuals are beginning to discover wealth in farming.

Entrepreneurs are sinking in lots of money into large-scale commercial agriculture, governments are setting up favourable policies and issuing out grants, loans, and incentives in the agricultural sector, and ordinary individuals are looking out for lands, funding, and incentives to begin an agricultural business.

The wealth in farming walnuts cannot be overemphasized. The nuts are widely eaten and the demand for them is rising.

More so, there is a deficit in the supply of walnuts around the globe, which screams moneymaking opportunities for interested individuals, entrepreneurs, and governments.

Walnut farming

What is walnut?

Walnut is an edible nut, it consists of round and delicious seeds enclosed in a hard husk, and walnuts grow on trees.

Walnuts can be eaten raw, they are delicious and they are packed with nutrients. Nutrients contained in walnuts are essential minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Eating walnuts has great health benefits such as boosting brainpower, increasing bone health, cancer prevention, and improving metabolism.

Walnuts are not annual crops, they are perennial because they grow on trees, and a walnut tree takes years to mature.

If you are planning to start walnut farming, you need to prepare your mind for long-term investment, however, once a walnut tree starts producing fruits, you will enjoy a yearly harvest of fruits.

Walnut fruits are made up of seeds enclosed in hard shells or husk, the seeds are delicious and edible. The hard shell or husk is hard and you will need to apply pressure to break it.

Walnut cultivation

For commercial walnut cultuvation, you will need a wide expanse of land. However, it is left for you to decide on how wide you want your land to be depending on the level of commercial farming you want to go into.

Normally, having a plantation of trees requires a wide area of land, so as to give enough room or space for the walnut trees to grow in both length and width as well as blossom without restriction.

Also, spacing allows for adequate sunlight. Ideally, there should be a 12 x 12 grid spacing.

Walnut farming

In order to get desired results and get desired profits, you will have to properly manage your walnut plantation by tending to the trees routinely. As the trees, grow and blossom, it is important you carry out routine thinning.

Opportunities in walnut farming

One of the perks of walnut cultivation is the potential of acquiring double sources of income.

Other than generating income from the sales of your walnut fruits, more money can be made from the sales of spent walnut trees as timber for furniture making.

The black walnut trees, commonly called the legacy tree are a great source of timber. It takes a long period of time to reach a marketable size for logging. Usually, a legacy tree takes thirty years to reach an ideal logging size.

Walnut farming
Walnut trees

The emerging trend of walnut farming

Walnut cultivation is on the increase due to its economic viability. This rising significance is on a global scale as several countries are taking the business of walnut farming seriously.

Countries engaging in walnut cultivation on a massive scale are; the USA, France, Romania, India, China, Iran, Mexico, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Note that several other countries are into commercial walnut farming.

Land is a basic resource in starting walnut farming, and for commercial walnut cultivation, you need to have a sizable area of land. In fact, the least size of the land you can use to begin walnut farming should be an acre.

Production capacity and profit potential of walnut farming

It is important for you to be able to estimate an output per acre of land. Well, in walnut cultivation, an acre of land should be able to produce a hundred trees.

A hundred walnut trees will allow for spacing and high yield. Now, an acre of walnut plantation should produce about six thousand pounds of walnut fruits.

Also, if you are focused on growing walnuts for the timber business, you will have to be patient because it can take thirty years for a walnut tree, especially the black walnut tree, to reach logging size. The black walnut trees are highly-priced due to their quality veneer timber.

Speaking of raising walnut trees for timber, the profit potential of walnut cultivation for timber is enormous.

In the international market, a matured walnut tree can be fell and sold for $20,000 to $25,000.

This is huge, now imagine how much you stand to make from selling trees from a large plantation of walnuts.

However, it takes a long period of time to fully raise walnut trees and the early stages of walnut cultivation require adequate funding.


Walnut cultivation is on the rise, not only in Nigeria but in other nations of the world.

This is happening as a result of the profit potentials inherent in walnut farming and how good it can be for sourcing foreign revenue.

First world, second world, and third world nations are seriously carrying out walnut cultivation in acres of land.

Walnut farming
Walnut farming

Do not be left behind, you can choose to venture into agribusiness through walnut cultivation.

Farming walnut may require some funding and a long period of time, however, the profit potentials are way more enriching than most agricultural endeavours.


  1. But it’s naturally planted under aman existing tree for d strings to climb on d tree,now that u said its of trees to cut into timbers, am confused, what about d tree that nutures d walnut itself?

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