Health Benefits Of Ginger Roots

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots

To start with, there are numerous benefits of ginger roots. Having morning sickness was something I experienced in my first pregnancy and I was just not getting myself; I surfed the net and learnt that a home remedy to treat this was GINGER ROOTS! I was amazed at the new feeling after a half cup of homemade ginger tea: no more morning sickness, YAY!

Ginger root is a very common home remedy for many health conditions especially cold and cough. It can be used fresh, dried, crushed into oil or juice and added into meals and beverages. Ginger is among the healthiest and most delicious spices ever known.

Ginger is a flowering perennial plant belonging to the family Zingiberacae with origin from Asia continent. It’s cousins include turmeric, galangal and cardamom with ginger standing outwith a uniques taste and aroma.

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots

The ginger rhizome, a part of the underground stem is the edible part. It can be called ginger root or just ginger. Ginger can also be added to processed food and cosmetics.

Medicinal Value Of Ginger Roots

Ginger has been used in history in various forms as traditional and alternative medicine; it’s been used to reduce nausea, aid digestion and help relief common cold, among others. Ginger is a unique medicinal plant with numerous health benefits and the major medical property is the gingerol.


This is the oil and the main bioactive compound found in ginger roots giving it’s fragnance and flavour. It is also responsible for most of the medicinal properties of ginger.

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Ginger Ale

Gingerol is an efficient anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substance which helps in reducing oxidative stress caused by the free radicals. Shogaols is the compound found in dried ginger and can be used just as the fresh ginger.

Health Benefits Of Ginger Roots

Ginger is known to be effective in treatment and relief of various medical conditions. Some health benefits of ginger include but are not limited to the following:

Ginger Root Relieves Nausea

Ginger roots help relieve nausea and vomiting for people undergoing certain types of surgery including chemotherapy-related nausea although more research needs to be conducted.

In pregnant women however, 1.5g of ginger can reduce symptoms of nausea significantly. Caution should be taken when consuming larger amounts than stated to avoid any form of complications especially for women are almost full term or with previous episodes of miscarriages.

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Ginger Helps Relief Nausea In Pregnancy

Ginger Roots Help With Weight Loss

Ginger supplements in food and drinks have shown to reduce body weight, waist-hip ratio and obesity as ginger can help reduce inflammation.

About 2g of crushed ginger powder for a duration of twelve weeks can yield a positive result in reducing body mass index and blood insulin levels.

Ginger Roots Reduces Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common health problem involving the degeneration of the joints in the body with symptoms showing as joint pain and stiffness.

The use of ginger, about 1g of ginger can reduce symptoms of OA and this can be used in combination with cinnamon and sesame oil.

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Ginger Can Relief Pains

Ginger Roots Improve Heart Functions

Ginger can be an effective anti-diabetic as it can reduce blood sugar level thereby also improving heart disease risk factor.

A recent study revealed that ginger significantly reduced HbA1c in people with type 2 diabetes although it also showed that ginger had no effect on fasting blood sugar (20).

Ginger Root Aids Digestion

Delay in emptying the stomach is the cause of indigestion and the comsumption of ginger in whichever form can help hasten the emptying of the stomach to prevent indigestion.

Chronic indigestion is a recurrent pain and discomfort in the upper part of the stomach and people with indigestion with no known cause, can use ginger for relief.

Ginger Roots Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

Heart diseases are linked with high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and they are gotten from the foods we eat. Addition of ginger when preparing meals can help reduce these LDLs.

Consuming ginger raw or in powdered form can have a greater impact if you don’t mind the taste: reducing blood triglyceride levels as well.

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Ginger Helps In Weight Loss

Ginger Roots Has Anti Cancer Properties

Ginger anti-cancer properties are attributed to gingerol especially the [6]-gingerol which fights against various forms of cancer. Daily consumption of 2g of ginger extract helps reduce the pro-inflammatory molecules in the colon.

Ginger has protective effects against breast and ovarian cancer although more studies are needed.

Ginger Roots Improve Brain Functions

Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation accelerate the aging process and the use of cancer can slow it down. Ginger can also improve brain function and protect against age-related decline in brain function.

Ginger Root Fight Infections

Ginger can inhibit he growth of many types of bacteria including those linked to gingivitis and periodontitis. It is also effective against respiratory infections.

How To Consume Ginger Roots

Fresh ginger can be consumed raw or cooked via any preferred method including frying. The flavour the root releases is such that can overpower other spices and take the food to a different level. Ways you can include ginger varies according to the dish or drink.

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Dried Ginger

Ginger can also be dried for further use including grinding, as a means of preservation or for exportation. The grinded ginger can be added to tea, confections and with other spices.

You can also boil fresh ginger and add honey to relief cold or just refrigerate for a nice drink.

Ginger can also give your beef, chicken etc a new and improved taste. It gives it a spicy feel and tastier even when grilled with ginger oil.

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Ginger Drink

Ginger can also be added to your tomato-pepper-onion blend.

Ginger can be added to your corn meal, ogi, akamu either before milling or in powdered form.

You can also consume the processed food products with ginger extracts such as ginger candy, ginger beer, ginger biscuits, ginger ale among others.


Adding ginger to your diet daily can boost your immune system and overall health. There are only few precautions in the quantity such as late pregnancy and miscarriages and some forms of stomach ulcer.

Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots
Health Benefits Of The Ginger Roots

However, there are numerous forms of consuming ginger aside adding the raw roots to meals and they include the ginger tea, ginger candy, ginger beer, ginger cookies among others.

Enjoy your meals and beverages with the addition of ginger ginger roots and thank me later!

How do you enjoy your ginger? Drop your answers in the comment section.

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