Deworming Pigs The Right Way

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
Deworming Pigs The Right Way

Deworming pigs is a good way to getting more acceptance for pork. Many people shy away from eating pork because of the high rate of worms associated with it, especially the parasitic roundworm that causes trichinosis. Others are also concerned about the pig’s overall health status. 

In some religions and doctrines, pigs are considered forbidden for reasons which include their dirty habit and love for muddy waters, gluttony and cannibalism in even eating their own babies.

Pigs are mammals that have numerous health issues ranging from digestion being immediate, allowing free radicals to stay in its body, to swine flu and a host of others.

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
Deworming Pigs The Right Way

With pigs having worms which can be transmitted to humans through their meat, it is important to deworm the pigs for the total health of the pig and also humans. It is imperative that pig farmers make a habit of deworming pigs.

Regardless of the reasons for rearing pigs, deworming them is important for the animal’s health and the business as well. Unhealthy pigs would result in loss of investment as worms feed on the nutrients from the pig’s diet causing stunted growth.

Pig farmers are advised to consult with a veterinary doctor for dewormers most efficient for their animals. In situations where it is unlikely to get one, some medications are listed for deworming pigs. 

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
Dewormer Strictly For Pigs

Merck Animal Health Mult Dewormer

This brand of medication can be used for deworming pigs is considered top-notch because of its effectiveness on worms and pig’s overall health. The dewormer is certified and can be administered by the pig farmer as long as the dosage is adhered to strictly.

Merck Animal Fenbendazole

Fenbendazole is effective against gastrointestinal parasites such as lungworms, hookworms, nodular worms, barber pole worms, etc. They are certified and can be used on other farm animals.

Farmers should not administer this drug without doctor’s prescription even though the medication is cheap and effective.

Safeguard Dewormer Liquid

For quick and fast relief when deworming pigs, this dewormer is the best shot as significant difference is seen in just few hours. It is composed of fenbendazole which is effective against the control and cure of intestinal and stomach worms.

It can be used for goats and pigs. The liquid dewormer should not be used on breastfeeding animals; pigs, goats and other mammals. It also fights giardia.

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
Injectables For Deworming

Durvet Ivermectin Injectable

This effective dewormer is not only used for deworming pigs, it can also control the growth and prevent against further infections. It is the best for pigs due ti their natural ability to get infected quuckly. It comes in doses and all to do is inject.

Durvet Ivermectin injections can also be used for cattle and goats. It works against internal and external parasites and it is relatively inexpensive.

Animal Health International Multi-Species Dewormer

This brand is suitable for animal farms with more than one type of animal because it has a wide range of animals that can use this dewormer. This is even stated in its name.

The dewormer has a medicated formula making it safe nad effective for use on many animal species. It treats all types of strongyles; large and small including pinworms and ascarids.

Treatment is different in each animal specie even though it works on many animals such as turkeys, pigs, cattle, zoo and wildlife animals. It’s pellet form is meant to disguise it as feed for the animals.

Merck Animal Health Safe-Guard Swine Scoop

This dewormer takes only three days to be effective on the pig even though it’s stated as weeks. It is administered to treat and cure lungworms only. It can be used on lactating pigs even on pigs ready for slaughter as it is not harmful to humans.

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
Pig Suffering From Intestinal Worms

Durvet Levamed Soluble Pig Dewormer

The soluble dewormer by Durvet is very effective for deworming pigs. It not only kill the parasites, it prevents them from further infection and damages on the animal. It is effective against many worms which includes large roundworms, nodular worms, intestinal threadworms and lungworms.

The dewormer has a shelf life of 3 months when stored up to 25 degree celcius as stated by the manufacturer. Other pigs that gets infected can use the drug within this period.

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
Parasite Location In Pigs

Preparation of this dewormer is to add the required quantity of water as it comes in powdered form. It is however to be administered with caution to piglets.

Selecting The Best Medications For Deworming Pigs

Deworming pigs does not have a natural or alternative cure than medications. It is crucial to get the most suitable dewormer for the pigs. Some dewormers treat several worms while some treat specific ones. Another things to consider include the age of the pigs as it can affect its effectiveness.

Pure Medications For Deworming Pigs

When considering deworming pigs, the farmer should check if the dewormer is made specifically for pigs, can be used by bigs or is a multi-species med.

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
A Sample Of Multi-species Dewormer

Multi-species dewormer can work on pigs but may not be very effective like the ones made for pigs. The medication would have been watered down to meet the needs of many animals and may not meet the dosage for a specific animal such as pigs.

Age Factor When Deworming Pigs

The amount of worms varies as the pigs grow. Some dewormers are made for adults, some for piglets and others for suckling piglets. Only selected few are made for treating pigs irrespective of the age.

Farmers should check the information corner to ascertain the age of pig each medication is suitable for and also the correct dosage when weight is included.

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
A Piglet

Deworming Pigs Against Right Worms

Pigs are highly suceptible to worms and the worms affect specific parts of the animal’s body. Intestinal worms, stomach worms, lungworms all have specific dewormers that work effectively against them.

There’s no dewormer that can work for all the worms in the pig’s body although some can treat a few. Knowing the type of worm requires a vet diagnosis.


Deworming pigs is an assured way to make more profit as the pigs are healthy and marketable. Administering the wrong dewormer will make the problem to persist.

Deworming Pigs The Right Way
Deworming Pigs The Right Way

It is best to administer a dewormer that can cure and prevent infections in other to reduce the purchasing of dewormer that treats only. Prevention is always better than cure.

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