What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health

The chicken poop is one quick way to determine the health status of the birds. Just like requirements for new students’ medical test is not complete without the poop test. 

The chicken poop can be a disgusting sight especially when the poultry pen is not battery cage but no matter how it smells, it is important to take note.

Adequate knowledge about the ideal colour, texture and appearance of healthy poultry poop is important for poultry farmers.

Chicken droppings are also referred to as chicken poop. They are waste product from the poultry birds after digestion of meals has taken place. Medications can also determine the appearance of poop.

Chicken Poop And What It Means
Chicken Defecating

As a poultry farmer or care givers, it is necessary to take note of changes (no matter how slightly it may be) in the chicken droppings and take necessary precaution to avoid the spread of diseases and infections thereby ultimately reducing the mortality rate.

Watery chicken poop, presence of blood stains in droppings, whitish part of poop etc are ways of knowing that the chicken or poultry birds need medical attention.

They are ways of telling poultry farmers that there is need to check the feed quality and intake as well.

Is There Any Need For Chicken Poop?

Chicken droppings or chicken poop is the waste product from the chicken just like in other animals, it is necessary to release these waste for a healthier life; failure to do so is dangerous on its own.

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health
Chicken Poop As Manure

It is waste for the chicken but a raw material for other agricultural practices. Some uses of the poultry poop include but are not limited to:

  • Organic manure for crop production farms
  • Source of maggot for fish farms (I have seen this being practiced somewhere before)
  • Raw material for bio-gas used for cooking
  • Raw materials for generating electricity (more research is being done but is practicable)
  • It is an indicator of the health status of poultry birds

Ideal Appearance Of Chicken Poop

Poultry droppings varies in colour depending on the diet, water quantity, medications and the weather conditions.

The colour however ranges from brown to tan, yellow and sometimes green with white cap on it. The texture should be semi-solid and not liquid.

Firm Brown Chicken Poop

Chicken droppings are usually brown in colour and semi-solid in texture and traces of whitish cap on top. The brown colour indicates the digested or half digested feed; the whitish part indicates the uric acid while the semi-solid texture indicates swift passage and intake of adequate amount of water.

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health
Brown Firm Chicken Poop

Diet also plays a role in the appearance of chicken droppings as intake of yellow maize can make the poop appear slightly yellow as well. The chucken droppings can also be black, green and still be healthy depending on the time of the year and medications.

Watery Brown Chicken Poop

This may not be a cause for alarm as it can indicate high liquid content in the feed given to the birds.

However, if this persists, it is best to watch out for E.coli or infectious bronchitis which must be treated with antibiotics such as gentatylo and erythromycin as soon as possible.

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health
Watery Brown Poop

Yellow Chicken Poop

When chicken poop appears yellow and foamy, it can be an indicator that there are certain foods present in their body.

However, when the chicken is not eating food with that colour, it can be a sign of infections and diseases such as fowl typhoid, kidney malfunction, coccidiosis and internal worm infestation.

Treatment of coccidiosis is administering anti-cocci such as Amprolium, Amprocco by the veterinary doctors for proper dosage; self medication by farmers is also risky. Ivermectin can be used to treat internal worms.

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health
Yellow Foamy Poop

Bitter leaf herb can also reduce the effect of cocci in poultry; garlic and pawpaw seeds are also natural remedies for internal worms.

Green Chicken Poop

Vegetables, plants and herbs are usually causes of chicken poop appearing green except on rare occasions when the farmer is sure the chickens do not have access to green food.

Healthy green poop would still maintain the semi-solid texture with white cap just like the common brown poop.
In battery cage for instance where the chickens are not feeding on vegetables and plants, then there is a problem when the chicken poop turns green.

Newcastle disease, Avian Influenza and Marek’s disease can make the chicken poop green coloured.
On rare occasions when the poultry birds are starved for whatever reason, they can have watery green poop.

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health
Green Chicken Poop

Newcastle disease are more dangerous as there is no cure for it just activating survival mode by administering antibiotics and multivitamins until the coast is clear to avoid an outbreak which can result in high mortality.

Black Chicken Poop

The presence of excess protein in livestock diet can result in having black poop. In a bird hatching her eggs, it may be as a result of starving during the period.

If the chicken is not brooding or eating purple or dark foods, then there is cause for alarm as it can mean an internal bleeding which can be treated with vitamins.

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health
Watery Milky White Poop

White Chicken Poop

Chicken poop have white cap no matter the colour but poop that is all white means there is worm infection which is easier to be treated or the gumboro disease which is a threat to poultry farmers due to high mortality.

The birds can be de-wormed in the case of internal worms. Immunization is the only preventive solution against the gumboro disease; prevention is better than cure comes to live with gumboro!

Bloody Chicken Poop

Coccidiosis which affects the birds’ intestines is the culprit when there is blood stain in chicken poop. There is reduced appetite and activeness in extreme cases of coccidiosis. It can be treated with antibiotics.

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health
Bloody Poop

Watery Chicken Poop

This is usually when the water intake is very high especially during hot weather, stress can also be a factor likewise a kidney infection caused by bronchitis.

Antibiotics are the medication in case of bronchitis and the addition of garlic is a preventive measure.


Chicken poop is the fastest way to detect possible infections and diseases in chickens. They are subtle ways of medical checkups by the birds.

What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health
What Chicken Poop Says About Their Health

The overall health of the chicken can be determined by their poop and medical care can be sought to avoid an outbreak and reduce mortality in poultry birds.

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