Cassava Farm Weed Control Made Easier With These Herbicides

Cassava Farm Weed Control Made Easier With These Herbicides
Cassava Farm Weed Control Made Easier With These Herbicides

Have you been thinking of how best to go about Cassava farm weed control in that farmland of yours?

Yea, I know how painful it can be to see weeds outgrow your cassava after invest time and energy to plant them.

Inasmuch as cassava farming is a one of the lucrative farm business ideas we have in agriculture, you can be frustrated by weeds.

That’s why in this resource, I will be sharing the best (most effective) herbicides that can clear weeds out of that Cassava farm of yours with little or no human effort.

But wait! Just before I reveal such herbicides to you, may I ask if you truly know why it’s vital to take Cassava farm weed control as a serious pre-planting and post-planting activity?


Cassava Farm Weed Control By Black A Woman
Cassava Farm Weed Control By Black A Woman

Well, in case you are not aware, here’s why…

According to credible research, “Weeds in a cassava farm can result to over 50 percent (%) yield or output loss!

Losing 50% of your Cassava crop is no joke, that’s agribusiness capital loss.

No serious Cassava farmer loses his/her crop to weeds when he or she knows that weeds can be controlled simply with the use of herbicides.

Where the challenge lies for many farmers is knowing which particular herbicide is to be used for certain weeds.

Inasmuch as we are focusing on weed control in a Cassava farm, you should also know that weeding or weed control is a very crucial activity in crop farming.

You can only claim to have defeated weeds in your farmland when your crops form a canopy that covers the farmland.

Why must a crop form canopy?

The forming of canopy by crops makes it impossible for sunlight to get to weeds, thereby preventing their fast growth.

Cassava Farm Tubers

Why Must You Engage In Cassava Farm Weed Control?

To a subsistence Cassava farmer, the sole aim of controlling weeds is to entirely uproot weeds, but that’s not true for a commercial Cassava farmer, as it’s impossible to eliminate every weed in a large Cassava farmland.

However, the ultimate purpose of weed control in a Cassava plantation is to obstruct or stress the fast growth of weeds in the farmland up to the level where their presence becomes insignificant.

Best Way Of Controlling Weed In A Cassava Farmland

One can only adopt the Manual weeding method in a small-scale Cassava farm production.

This is so because it’s quite labour intensive and time-consuming.

Of course, you wouldn’t disagree with me that it’s impossible to weed hectares of cassava farmland using just your hands.

Who does that? Even magic would fail. *laughs

The best way to control weeds in any type of crop farm is by use of chemicals –that’s to say the Chemical weed control method.

Controlling Weeds In A Cassava Farm

This cassava farm weed control method is widely used by successful farmers who wouldn’t want to tell you.

Above all, it is quite affordable compared to the manual or mechanical weed control methods.

Chemicals Used For Cassava Farm Weed Control

When I use the word “chemical”, I would want to believe that you know that I’m referring to HERBICIDES.

The following are few herbicides that have shown positive results in Cassava weed control:

  1. Diuron
  2. Fluometuron
  3. Fluometuron and Alachlor
  4. Atrazine and Metolachlor
  5. Diuron and Metolalchlor

Don’t panick yet, there would be explanations to what they are and their respective uses later in this resource.

Have in mind that there are three (3) types of herbicides, namely;

  • Pre-emergent
  • Emergent
  • Post-emergent

The aforementioned herbicides are mostly pre-emergent herbicides.

What does Pre-emergent herbicides do?

They destroy germinating weeds just before they grow.

Therefore, the listed herbicides must only be applied in your Cassava farm just before weeds start germinating.

Quantity Of Herbicides Application In A Cassava Farm

Need I tell you that the overuse of herbicides is another word for suicide in crop farming.

Every herbicide has its manufacturer’s dose recommendation, and must be strictly adhered to to avoid irreversible complications.

At this point, knowledge is not power, rather its application is.

Again, the misuse of herbicide in your cassava plantation would cause a fatal loss.

Cassava Farm Herbicides Spraying Safety Precautions

As you fight to eliminate weeds, you must ensure that you are safely combating the weeds.

In order not to injure yourself or cause harm to your crops, the following are measures to take before or while spraying herbicides in your cassava farm:

  1. Put on long sleeves, latex gloves, long sleeves, long trousers and safety glasses, so as to avoid having a body contact with the chemicals in use
  2. Be cautious while mixing chemicals, as this is the phase where spill and and accidental contacts with the skin occurs
  3. For safety purpose, read the label before using large quantity of water to wash off chemical on your eyes or body. This is important as not all require the use of anyhow water
  4. Always keep a first aid kit nearby for swift medical solutions in case of health emergencies
  5. Adhere to the directions found on the label while adding water to chemicals in order to prevent the use of water directly from a hose. This is however, very crucial to avoid siphoning chemicals used back into the water supply
  6. Alternatively, fill up a watering can (or keg) which you would place inside a spray tank instead of directly wiring the hose to the water supply
  7. Put on protective gears before you begin agrochemicals application

After Herbicides Application In A Cassava Farm, What Next?

As soon as you are done applying the herbicides in your cassava farmland, you should go ahead to activate the herbicide simply by integrating it into the soil.

This can be done by cultivating the land [with the use of a rototiller or field cultivator] to a depth of 2 to 3 inches.

More so, you should water, as watering has its way of incorporating the herbicides into the soil, either through irrigation or rainfall.

Cassava Farm Weed Control By A Black Man
Cassava Farm Weed Control By A Black Man

Most importantly, to achieve this, always ensure to read the product label for the best chemical to soil incorporation method.

Incorporation is vital so as to concentrate the herbicide in the soil zone where the weeds grow, which in return destroys weeds before they even begin to germinate.

Herbicides Efficient In Cassava Farm Weed Control

1. Diuron

Diuron can be applied in your cassava plantation at 2kg a.i. /ha shortly after your cassava begin to grow.

Application of Diuron to your cassava farm helps regulate the pre and post growth of weeds.

Irrigate your farm within 14 days after herbicide application to activate it.

2. Fluometuron

This is a selective and pre-emergence (applied before planting) herbicide that destroys broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Shortly after application, incorporate the herbicide into the soil by irrigation or tilling.

Application of Fluometuron in a cassava farmland can regulate weeds for close to 2 to 5 months.

3. Fluometuron and Alachlor: 

For improved herbicide application efficiency, mix fluometuron and alachlor in a tank.

Please note that the mixing proportion should be 2 to 3 kg a.i. /ha for fluometuron and then 3kg a.i. /ha for alachlor.

Alachlor help regulate annual broadleaf and grasses.

4. Metolachlor And Atrazine:

This duo could offer excellent yield when being applied at 2.5kg a.i. /ha.

And again, they can be applied before or after planting your cassava.

The next thing to do after application is to irrigate in order to activate it. Also, ensure that the soil doesn’t reach the point of waterlogging as such will it make the herbicide to be ineffective.

When such happens, the herbicide will definitely leach beyond weed seeds level.

Amongst these two chemicals, Atrazine is the most preferred in the control of broadleaf weeds before and after they begin germination.

These herbicides aid in delaying the growth of weed for a long period of time.

However, they are not durable solutions as weed will always find its way to germinate, and when they grow, there are only two options left;

  1. Hand-weed them [or]
  2. Use a herbicide known as paraquat to control them.

Paraquat is known to be very safe, as it tends to destroy only the contact leaves –i.e it wouldn’t eliminate the whole plant just like glyphosphate does. However, there’s need to protect your cassava from it.

5. Diuron and Metolachlor: 

When you mix Diuron and metolachlor in a tank at the rate of 2kg a.i. /ha for Diuron, and 2kg a.i. /ha for metolachlor, efficiency is greatly increased.

In case you haven’t heard of Metolachlor before now, it is a preplant and pre-emergent herbicide for few broadleaf weeds and annual grass.

After its application, you then need to incorporate the herbicide into the soil by either watering or tilling.

Furthermore, you could use Diuron and Metolachlor to regulate weeds in peanut, corn and soybean farms.

How To Mix Herbicides Before Applying In A Farm

When you want to mix 2 herbicides together, never do such directly without dilution.

Here’s what to do;

  • Add your first herbicide to your sprayer tank and then fill half of the tank with water.
  • Add your second herbicide and also fill the tank with water –to avoid occurrence of a chemical reaction
  • If you are doing this for the first time, have it done in a small farm area and then monitor it for about 6 months to a year
  • Get this done before making use of these herbicides on a huge quantity
  • Thus, this precaution will enable you prevent massive loss in case of a miscalculation
  • In addition, if there are plans to grow another crop the next season, ensure that the herbicide residue will not cause harm to the crop.
  • Lastly, these herbicides might be compatible with cassava, however, their residue can adversely affect other crops.

Having read this, I now believe that you have learnt how to go about your Cassava farm weed control today.

Cassava Farm Weed Control Made Easier With These Herbicides
Cassava Farm Weed Control Made Easier With These Herbicides

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