Business Opportunities That Pay Well In Agriculture

Business Opportunities That Pay Well In Agriculture
Business Opportunities That Pay Well In Agriculture

Did you know that there are over a thousand (1,000) business opportunities that pay well in agriculture?

Unfortunately, everyone, especially the youths of this generation run far away from agriculture.

Some even make comments like “Agriculture is not for me because it is a dirty job” others say “Why should I venture into agricultural businesses when there are white collar jobs” and you would hear another lie that agriculture is outdated.

Business opportunities that pay well in agriculture
Business opportunities that pay well in agriculture

These are words from young adults said out of ignorance and agricultural business inclination.

If there is any business opportunity that would make you your own boss, and still carter for your next generation, then such a business opportunity can “only” be found within the walls of agriculture.

There are several farm business ideas that you can adopt and put to play, which in return will make you a billionaire, if not a millionaire.

The big question is “Are You Ready To Be Consistent And Creative With It?”

For instance, out of cassava, someone being so creative made cassava chips which is sold in millions to top food vendors and outlets like shoprite etc.

How about that local fish farm of yours? Someone brought out the concept of barbecue, which you would agree with me that it can be expensive to buy.

You see? There’s actually clean cash in this field with so many agricultural business opportunities that pay well.

Out of the thousands of greener pastures, one can find in agriculture, in this resource, we will be discussing the top 10 business opportunities in agriculture that pay well.

Business Opportunities That Pay Well In Agriculture

In a non hierarchial order, they include;

1. Rearing Of Animals:

You can’t start mentioning the business opportunities in agriculture than can pay you well without animal production attached to it, as fish rearing, piggery production, snail rearing, goat, rabbit, cattle and sheep farming when raised well and in large-scale can set you financially free.

Why so?

Such animals being the major sources of animal protein can never be out of market demands.

2. Cash Crop Plantation:

One of the requirements to venture into this agribusiness is the possession of your own land, as it may take a bit later in years than you thought before you could see your harvest.

You have no lands? That’s still not an excuse because there are fertile lands up for lease for however long you may need them.

Cash Crops Business Opportunities In Agriculture

Lets assume that you have a fertile land (not construction sites), you can decide to plant cash crops such as oil palm, cashew, cocoa or even orange, banana, pineapple, pawpaw, plantain etc.

These are for surety, agro-business opportunities that pay well.

3. Vegetable farming:

Let me start by asking “who doesn’t love vegetables?”

Vegetables are recommended and needed everywhere, and this means that they will always be in high demand, your doctor will never forget to tell you this.

Venturing into the production and marketing of vegetables is no bad business ideas. There are hospitals, NGOs, manufacturing companies that will need your bulk supplies.

This is a big hit provided you do a little packaging on your business module.

There is nothing difficult in vegetable farming, as most vegetables require less expertise to begin with. Yes, I am talking about that fresh green pepper, sweet corn, cabbage, fluted pumpkin (called Ugu in the east of Nigeria), cucumber, okra, waterleaf, pepper, carrot and a lot more.

4. Cereals/Grains:

Funny enough, in Africa (especially Nigeria) you can’t go a day without consuming cereals or grains.

Let me break it down, can you stay a day without eating rice or beans? That’s almost impossible, if not impossible.

Cereal crops such as sorghum, beans, maize, rice, groundnut, wheat (and others) are often in high demands.

Cereals business opportunities in agriculture

Regardless of what you intend to do with this particular business opportunity (be it the production of grains for human consumption or for further processing), there must be a maximum yield and profit to take.

You know why? That’s due to their importance to daily living. More so, you could even grow them two to three times per year provided you have the available resources to handle irrigation or/and meet the nutritional needs of the crops as they case maybe.

5. Root And Tuber Crops Production:

One of the core harvests of agriculture is the root and tuber crops. They can yield more money than that of crops in a local market.

Engaging in the Exportation of Yam, cassava, sweet potato and cocoyam is not a small agribusiness opportunity. This can turn you into a millionaire before you know it.

This is heavy! And only heavy business opportunities can grab you some dollars.

6. Poultry Farming:

I know you may be wondering if this isn’t part of the Animal Production business opportunity.

It is, I just found need to lay more emphases on it.

You can agree with me that there are no eateries or fast foods without Chicken on the menu. How’s that even possible? *laughs

Poultry business opportunities in agriculture

So, where is all the chicken coming from? And again, you must have also seen Bukateria serve noodles and fried eggs to customers on a cool evening or morning, so who supplies them the eggs?

This is one of the business opportunities in agriculture that pay well.

7. Production Of Ornamental Plants and Flowers:

How about having an Ornamental plant display shop with branches all over your country of residence? That’s not close to being a bad idea. We are in the century of beautification, as cities, houses, roads are constantly beautified using flowers given rise to the need for the production of more ornamental plants.

This for surety is a sure business plug.

The more the need for beautification, the more money you get in your bank account as an ornamental plant producer.

8. Agro-products Processing:

Are you aware that most of the farmers’ outputs are actually wasted on daily basis.

Yes, and you could decide to be a buyer and processor of agricultural byproducts. You can process them into useful products and marketing them.

For instance, chicken offals can be bought and used to process fish feed.

There is nothing new about this, you just need to have a detailed knowledge of Agricultural Production, Processing and marketing so that you don’t join other farmers to ask “Why Is My Agribusiness Failing?”

9. Sales Of Seeds And Other Agro-allied Products:

Making available certified fertilizers, farm equipment, seeds, and even soil amendments, pesticides (and so on) to farmers can be quite a good source of income for anybody so willing to carry on the job.

10. Spices Manufacturing:

Just so you know that you can’t do without spices in our day to day cooking.

For this reason, crops such as scent leaf, garlic, ginger, onion, turmeric, curry leaf can send clean cash to your bank account.

In addition, you can earn heavy cash just by manufacturing a mix of locally made spice that are marketable in big malls and supermarkets.

Business Opportunities That Pay Well In Agriculture
Business Opportunities That Pay Well In Agriculture

Are there other business opportunities that pay well in agriculture that you feel should top the list? Let us know over the comment section.


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