How To Start Beans Flour Production Guide

How To Start Beans Flour Production Guide
How To Start Beans Flour Production Guide

Being a working mum, I know the importance of getting meals fixed within a short period of time; and beans flour is a great way of getting my fluffy akara balls ready with no stress!

Growing up, Saturday mornings were usually for pap (ogi, akamu) with akara or moinmoin. Washing the beans was the major task everyone dreads and it is not easy especially when it comes in large volume.

Akara (beans cake), gbegiri (beans soup) and moinmoin are ways of taking beans that require dehulling (peeling off the entire outer part); an act that can take up to twenty minutes depending on the quantity and type of beans.

How To Start Beans Flour Production Guide
Akara Balls

In recent times, making these delicacies have been made easier and faster by the introduction of beans flour. Meals can now be prepared within minutes which would have been to dehull be beans.

Beans flour can be purchased from the supermarts, malls and can also be prepared at home with ease. It requires attention to details and some equipments which can be substituted in home production.

Beans is a major nutritious source of protein, a body building class of food which is to be present in diets. Beans are part of the legume family, which help to minimize heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Beans are nutritious alternative to animal protein for vegetarians. Beans can be prepared as moinmoin, akara, and as casseroles. It can be taken with carbohydrates or solely.

Beans flour is the powdered form of beans that have been processed, dried and grinded. This makes food preparation faster and easier.

Beans Flour Production Guide
White Beans

Beans are prone to having weavils especially when there is heat. Drying the beans and grinding them is a way of storing the beans and avoiding wastage.

Beans farmers can also venture into beans flour production as aa additional source of income. Stay at home mums can also start beans flour production in the comfort of their homes.

The demand for beans flour cannot be exhausted because with the rate at which fast food is required is limitless. Beans flour production is more like a fast food products.

For every business venture, it is important to know the pros and cons in other not to fail. Starting as a small scale doesn’t mean having low quality products. Beans variety that can produce excellent result include honey beans, lentil, navy beans.

Beans Flour Production Guide
Beans Varieties

Beans Flour Production

Starting beans flour production requires having an indepth knowledge about beans variety and their behaviour.

Some beans are easy to dehull and blend whils some are more difficult. Some Varieties of beans are sweet while some are just having the beans taste.

For production of beans flour in small scale, there is need for adequate space for drying and at least an extra person that can help monitor production.

Equipment for beans flour production includes:

  • Mortar and pestle
  • Bowls
  • Sieve or mesh
  • Trays
  • Dryer
  • Portable Sealing machine


Beans are usually spread on the floor before been packaged into sacks for the markets making them susceptible to having stones. The first step in successful bean flour production is removing the stones painstakingly.

  1. Pour the picked beans into a large bowl depending on the quantity and add water enough to cover them. Some dirts will come up, carefully remove them.

    Beans Flour Production Guide
    Dehulling Process
  2. Leave the beans in water for about 10 minutes and drain the water away. Or when you can see the skin puffy.
  3. For large quantity above one module, it is better to use mortar and pestle to dehull the beans.The pestle is to be moved around in circular motion to dehull the beans and not pounded like the case of pounded yam.
  4. The quantity in the mortar should not be too much for effective dehulling. It is better to do this in batches by turning each batch into bowls.
  5. Add water to the dehulled beans to get the beans free from chaff. Repeat this process until the beans are thoroughly clean.
  6. Spread the dehulled beans on a clean rack or trampoline directly in the sunlight. In rainy season, it is advisable to use a dryer.

    Beans Flour Production Guide
    Dehulled beans
  7. When the beans are properly dried, take them to grinding mills or blender in case of home use.
  8. After grinding, the flour will be hot. Spread it in trays to be cool before they are packaged.
  9. Upon cooling, package into cellophanes and seal or whichever form is market suitable.

In large scale production, equipments are more sophisticated and they include de-huller, aspirator, weighing scale, hammer mill etc. The need for NAFDAC number cannot be over emphasized.

Preserving Beans Flour

Beans flour have a longer shelf life if properly preserved and packaged. Waiting for the beans flour to cool before package goes a long way in retaining the quality and improving the shelf life.

Packaging beans flour into cellophanes or airtight containers are great ways to keep then free and the addition of ginger piwder can turn up the spice and shelf life.

Beans Flour Production Guide
Beans Flour Production Guide

Packaging Beans Flour For Sale

As a business, the way a product is packaged tells a lot about the product even before use. A good package means a good product in most cases because even if a product is of high quality and the packaging is poor, there is a way it beats down the quality.

Packaging can be done in varying quantities depending on the type of market. Creating a unique style in product packaging can pave way to higher sales and if the product is good, it is even cheers to more sales.

Market Entry For New Beans Flour Product

Due to increase of inferior products in the market, most people are skeptical about trying a new product. However, there are ways to scale through this phase with ease.

Ensure that your product is up to standard, nutritious and have a long shelf life then sell to friends and families asking them to leave reviews for the product.

The reviews is a great way of telling people that this product is good and is worth their money. The reviews can be used on social media platforms and gradually, an audience is built.

Beans Flour Production Guide
Packaged Beans Flour

A new product can also be taken to the market for retailers at affordable rates. I do not succumb to making products cheap just to gain acceptance, it would be back to square one because a new product with the same strategy will soon come up.

Supermarkets and malls may not be so accepting of new products especially when there is no NAFDAC number. But if this is available, then they are a good place to show off products.

Health Benefits Of Beans Flour

Beans flour is made from legumes even though with little fibre due to dehulling, they are still great source of protein.

  • Beans flour help in weight loss as it doesn’t have fat or cholesterol.
  • Beans flour also helps in body metabolism and aid digestion.
  • Beans flour is an alternative way to consume beans as it has reduced acidity.


Beans flour production is a agribusiness venture that requires little capital in small scale production.

The market for beans flour is huge and lucrative when the product is exceptional and well packaged.

How To Start Beans Flour Production Guide
How To Start Beans Flour Production Guide

Try beans flour production at home and leave us a feedback on the result on the comment section.

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