Agro Products That Can Make You A Millionaire Farmer

Agro Products That Can Make You A Millionaire
Agro Products That Can Make You A Millionaire

Lets start by asking, are you aware that there are special Agro products that can make you a millionaire farmer?

Are you also aware that there are people having millions run into their accounts monthly just by practicing agriculture?

The practice of Agriculture has been around especially in African countries even before the whitemen introduced the white collar jobs.

Sadly, while some persons (farmers) are making it large by marketing hot selling agro products and silently living large, an overwhelming number of people intentionally neglect agriculture. Some don’t even want to hear you tell them to start an agribusiness.

Need I remind you that you are missing out!

There are so many Farm Business Ideas thats worth the time and that can put you on Forbes as a millionaire. Yes, you can actually be financially free and capable just by doing any of the agribusinesses which we are going to talk about shortly.

In this resource, I will be revealing to you the five (5) hot selling agro products that can make you a millionaire farmer.

I am not exaggerating! Farmers into them are already silently living large.

One thing interesting about these agro products is that you don’t even need to farm them by yourself, as you could decide to source them in different rural areas or farm settlements, and then market the agro products at higher prices in cities or towns.

5 Agro Products That Can Make You A Millionaire Farmer

Oh, I forget to mention that such agro products do not require a very large capital to venture into the agribusiness.


The agro products capable of making your a wealthy farmer are;

1. Yam:

This is the one of hot selling agro products that can make you a millionaire farmer. Yes, it is the first on the list.

Without being told, you should know that Yam is one of the root and tuber crops we don’t play with. Yam sourcing is quite a lucrative business, especially when it is in season, Oh what a profit!

Agro Products That Can Make You A Millionaire Farmer – Yam

Have you imagined how much money running into millions that yam farmers make during festive periods like New Yam festival and the likes of it?

How could you not have imagined?


Normally, in the West of Africa, yam tubers are grown between February and April, and then harvested after 180 to 280 days.

As gathered from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Nigeria has proven to be the world’s largest yam producers with an estimate of about 70-75% of world production

So, there’s no scarcity of yam for you not to venture in the business. It is everywhere.

Upon venturing into the Yam agribusiness, your goal shouldn’t be based on just sales, rather to take additional responsibility for inventory and delivery to buyers at that particular period of time.

Having said that, you can begin sourcing for yam in different rural areas nearby.

As soon as you get a good price, do not hesitate to move the yams to the target market (in this case, the cities/urban areas), so as to determine if the variance is a reasonable payback for your effort.

Quickly recall that you are to source the yam from rural areas with a lower price, so targeting the urban market will give you chances to double your selling price.

I will not fail to mention the promising locations to acquire your yam.

Such locations include but are not limited to Taraba, Oyo, Nassarawa, Abuja, Benue and Niger state.

Inasmuch as you can get yam cheaper in the mentioned locations, this business involves bulk purchase so as to reap the benefits of economy of scale.

2. Maize:

Who doesn’t enjoy eating maize, especially in Nigeria?

A good number of farmers plant maize for the nutrients it supplies and all round economic value.


As a matter of fact, Maize is a staple food that is globally eaten by people day in and out either as maize itself or derivatives.

Maize is certainly one of the 5 hot selling agro products that can make you a millionaire farmer.

Talking about the cost of Maize, a cob of fresh roasted maize sold for N50 a couple of months ago, now worths N100.

What does this mean?

Need I still tell you that it is a promising business worth the time and that little capital of yours?

In addition, Maize is a global food crop, which means you can get it anywhere in the state, country and without.

Recently, as at the time of this report, the price tag for a 100kg of raw maize is between N10,000 and N15,000 (depending on your supply or source).

The good news and the business here is that you can comfortably resell for an average price of N20,000.

3. Sweet Potatoes:

According to Statista, Nigeria is one of the leading producers of this nutritious and promising agro product.


And guess what? The consumption rate of Sweet Potatoes in different cities is somewhat alarming for the kind of nutritional benefits it gives –17 percent Carbohydrates, 79 percent water, and 2 percent of protein alongside a sufficient amount of fat.

Sweet Potatoes are preferably cultivated in March or/and April, with no reference to its type (i.e the early season, midseason or late-season potatoes).

4. Chicken Eggs:

I personally love this agro product, and you would find out why soon *laughss

Interestingly, Egg is a hot selling agro product that does not stay long in stock.

Why? That’s because the number of people demanding for it daily is unbelievably amazing.


People go extra mile to even use money to win over the sellers or distributors in order to have some crates of eggs.

If you plan venturing into the poultry agribusiness, or you have already, you need the equipment seen below, they are of high quality:
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However, among the 5 agro products that can turn you into a millionaire, sales of Eggs is said to be the least as it generates very little returns on investment.

Here’s what I mean

Recently and depending on the farm and area of sale, a crate of eggs goes for about N1,200 to N1,300.

So, purchasing at this price will only permit you to set your price at a N200 to N300 profit margin for a crate.

However, there still cool money that can run into millions to be made, but it will involve you tripling your capitals to get more crates. The higher the number of crates you have to sell, the more your profit multiples.

5. Plantain:

How can I end the list of agro products that can make you a millionaire without mentioning plantain?

That could be disastrous, if I fail to.

Just like Maize, Plantain is also a staple crop that can be either roasted, baked, pounded, boiled, fried and even eaten alongside other foods.


Plantain are commonly seen in forest ecology zones of Nigeria such as south-south, south-east, south-west.

Not just that, it also commands high revenue for its producers in the West of Africa due to its simplicity in cultivation.

It will interest you to know that the biggest producers of plantain in Nigeria are found in Nassarawa, Ondo, Ekiti, Delta, Kogi, Niger, Kwara, Zamfara, Taraba, Osun, Ogun and Rivers state.

As gathered from The Guardian, a bunch of plantains which worths N500 in villages can be sold at N1000 to N1,500 in cities, and that’s a 100% Return On Investment (ROI).


Agriculture is about food for man, and for the fact that every human being requires food for the continuity of life, that’s an added advantage for farmers!

Who stays a day without spending money on food or foodstuffs? Nobody, not even one.

And that’s millions of the currency going into the pockets of farmers who have positioned themselves well.

You too can, I don’t just know what you are waiting for.

Little by little, you can start supplying to a few dealers in targeted cities or your base.

With time, you can have warehouses that will aid you to channel your supply chain to top cities beyond your normal reach.

There is big money in agriculture, people are already living large (and you even know some of them).

You too can position yourself and start earning.

Agro Products That Can Make You A Millionaire
Agro Products That Can Make You A Millionaire

Really, you want to “chill with the big guys?” These agro products can give you that chill *winks

What are your sincere thoughts? Lets have a chitchat on the comment section.


  1. Its the middleman that usually profited the farmers effort. COVID 19 shows how much farm products went to waste. Its not as easily said. Risks factor are always around.Enviromental disaster can just wiped down the investment at the blinks of the eye.

  2. Agriculture is the antidotes to end hunger…

    The next billion will come from Agriculture

    Nothing is too small to start with i huge u today let end hunger

    Remember we are not create by God to depend on government Job..we are create to contribute to the system..

    Let take Agriculture to the next level 💯

    This is big way to contribute to unemployment
    Agriculture is sweet trust me

    Peace to all the farmer
    Big hugs 🤗

  3. Thanks for your advice I want to start farming and am happy to be encouraged by people like you, thank you once again

  4. I agree with you Zainal. Transportation from a rural place to the cities doesn’t come cheap. Loading and offloading requires paying labour. Some other risks involved. By the time you analyze the expenses involved, little or no profit would be made. I think it takes a lot of practical experience over time to be able to know the in and out of these crops in terms of making one a millionaire within a year. Patience and consistency with the business might make you that millionaire but not as automatic has been portrayed here.


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