Price Of Fish Feed In Nigeria (2022 Market)

Price Of Fish Feed In Nigeria [2022 Market]
Price Of Fish Feed In Nigeria [2022 Market]

If you are into fish feed formulation, you would agree with us that the price of fish feed in Nigeria has experienced a consistent rise in price, particularly from late November 2021 up to early February 2022.

Well, that is an adverse effect of a rapid increase in the dollar to naira rate in 2021.

Types of fish feed
Topfeeds fish feed

Inasmuch as a greater volume of fish feed sold in Nigeria are imported, there are a few brands exclusively formulated in Nigeria. We will discuss this extensively some other time.

In this resource, we will be looking at the types of feed sold in Nigeria, and the various price of fish feed in Nigeria in the 2022 market.

Brands Of Fish Feed Marketed In Nigeria

It may interest you to know that there are several brands of fish feed you formulated and sold in Nigeria.

Amongst all, you can easily find the popular brands like:

  1. Skretting Feeds
  2. Altech Coppens
  3. Aqualis
  4. Aller Aqua
  5. Top Feeds
  6. Blue Crown
  7. Vital Feeds
  8. Omega
  9. Aqua Boom [and]
  10. Eco Float.

Type Of Fish Feed Sold In Nigeria

The kind of fish feed marketed in Nigeria is known as the extruded fish feed.

Why? Because the feed is completely floating, pelletized, and formulated from latest extrusion technology.

Types of fish feed
Blue crown fish feed

Again, a greater proportion of fish feed bags are either imported or re-bagged and appear in 15 kg.

More so, the fish feed comes in pellet form and in several grain sizes. Pellet grain sizes begin from:

  • 0.2mm
  • 0.3mm
  • 0.8mm
  • 1mm
  • 1.2mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 6mm [and]
  • 8mm

Nutritional Information Of Fish Feeds Sold In Nigeria

Although the nutritional information of a fish feed is based on its brand, the common ingredients include:

  1. Crude fiber
  2. Calcium
  3. Phosphorus [and]
  4. Sodium

Additionally, others may include fat, ash, and crude protein.

Aller Aqua fish feed

Nutrients Found In Fish Feed Formulated In Nigeria

  1. Sodium
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Crude fiber
  4. Ash
  5. Calcium
  6. Fat
  7. Protein
  8. Crude

Cost Of A Bag Of Catfish Feed In Nigeria

Coppens Fish Feed Price (2022) is ₦10,100

0.2mm worth ₦9,800
0.3mm worth ₦9,800
0.8mm worth ₦9,800
1.2mm worth ₦9,800
1.5mm costs ₦8,500
2mm 45% costs ₦15,800
2mm 42% costs ₦14,800

Aqualis Fish Feed Price (2022) is ₦10,800

2m costs ₦10,300
3m costs ₦10,000

Bluecrown Fish Feed Price (2022)

2mm – 4mm worth ₦8,100

Skretting Fish Feed Price (2022) is ₦6,800

2mm worth ₦10,400
3mm worth ₦10,200
0.7mm worth ₦7,900
1mm at ₦7,700
1.8mm at ₦7,000

Please note: “₦” is a short symbol of the Nigerian Naira [NGN].

How To Find Out Volume Of Feed From Stocking –Harvesting

We are glad that you have finally got to know the price of fish feed in Nigeria. The next thing to figure out as a catfish business man/woman is how to determine the volume of feed you need from stocking to harvesting.

Coppens fish feed

Key points:

The very first thing you must come to the know is the cost of stocking your pond, feeding, and the perfect price to sell the fish.

For instance, lets look at the cost of stocking 1500 catfish.

Well, the cost of stocking 1500 will be based on the size, and the price of starter stock.

It is however recommended to stock juveniles, with its cost ranging from ₦25 to ₦30.

Having known this, if you buy 1500 catfish at N30, the correct calculation will be 1500 x 30 = 45000.

Ecofloat fish feed

What Is The Price Of A 500g / 1kg Catfish?

To begin with, you should be aware that a great number of farmers always prefer to sell their catfish per kg (either as full size adults 1kg or young adults 500g to 600g).

1kg catfish costs between ₦1000 to ₦1200 [as of January 2022]

With the knowledge above, 1500 catfish with each weighing 1kg would be sold for [1500 x 1000 = 1,500,000 i.e 1.5 million NGN]

On the other side if the market, If you choose to sell those that are between 500g to 600g, sold between Price of ₦650 and ₦700 NGN.

A stocking of 1500 catfish each weighing 500g sold at ₦650 will amount to [1500 x 650 = ₦9,750,000 NGN].

What Is The Cost Of Feeding 1500 Catfish?

It costs approximately 1kg feed to get a 1kg sized fish, therefore 500g catfish will be needing a 500g feed.

For the records, the recent price of a 15 kg bag of catfish is ₦10,000. So, to feed 1500 catfish will require 10 bags (i.e 10 bags at 15kg = 1500kg feed).

Types of fish feed
Vital fish feed

Therefore, ₦10,000 each bag x 10 bags will amount to ₦100,000 NGN.

What’s the Gain?

Given the various variables, it is more than possible determine our profit margin.

How? It’s quite simple.

Having known that the price of stocking 1500 catfish at ₦30 is ₦45,000. Add the price of feeding 1500 catfish to 1kg which is ₦100,000.

Again, add ₦45000 + ₦100,000 = ₦145,000.

Lastly, subtract ₦1,500,000 [1kg at ₦1000 for sale of 1500 fish] from ₦145,000, the gain should be ₦1,355,000. Wow, a whooping sum of millions *laughs.

What you should expect

In summary, the scenario expressed is that of a good condition that has to do with fast growing shooter juveniles, high-quality feed such as Coppens, and a great source of water.

Skretting fish feed

Although, on average, a great percentage of fish farmers may choose to use from 15 to 20 bags.

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